8 Things I Have Learned This Past Season On Insecure

This season of Insecure is finished, but I wanted to look back at some of the things I have learned from each episode. If you haven’t caught up on season three, I advise you to avert your eyes because this article is full of spoilers!

1. “Better Like”:  Create boundaries

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Even adults struggle with Boundaries and this episode tells that story to the tee. As the season opener we get a good look at Issa’s current life and what its like for her to live rent-free with Daniel. The opening scene gives us a taste of what Daniel has been doing, or actually who he’s been doing and how that affects his “roommate” Issa. Molly also struggles with boundaries as she takes a much-needed vacation before her job. Not to mention, when she comes back from vacation she and her married boo Dro, are also struggling with boundaries. This episode is a great taste of what can happen in a relationship if you do not set boundaries. Whether you're in a romantic relationship or platonic friendship, boundaries can help the relationship flourish.

2. "Familiar-Like": Step out of your comfort zone

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The first thing to note is that Issa is extremely out of line for not even helping to clean up while staying in Daniel’s home rent-free. I think that she needed to step out of her comfort zone and help at least a little, because that’s the considerate thing to do. However, this episode’s lesson comes from Daniel, who has let his producer title go to his head. During the episode, he was afraid to go to the club to talk to the rapper Spyder and did not even think he needed help from their old friend Khalil. If Daniel were to step out of his comfort zone a little more, he would have not had the problem of trying to get Spyder to listen to him. He was too stuck in his old ways of approaching rappers, or lack of, that he almost missed out on an opportunity to produce music.

3. "Backwards-Like": But your friends are probably right

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The friends on Insecure are always ready to spill tea and share advice, and this episode was no different. Over dinner Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany proceed to help Issa out with her Daniel situationship. With Issa still in denial about the actuality of their relationship, the friends remind Issa that maybe this might not be the best place for her to be staying considering their unrequited romantic situations. In the end, her friends prove to be right when Daniel snaps on Issa and takes her advice for granted.

4. "Fresh-Like": You gotta get rid of it

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Fresh starts are always great because you get to get rid of old things and try to replace them with new ones. This episode harps on how important it is to get rid of the old and have fresh starts. Issa is moving into a new place and has a lot of things that deserve to be given away or recycled. Along with this we also get a taste of a new potential boo and the quitting of an old and tired job. Fresh starts and new beginnings are so important in life as they help you to not stay stagnant. When you start a fresh life, you have to get rid of some of your old things to create space for a new life and this episode reminds us about this.

5. "High-Like": Not everyone is down for the high life

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I think one of the biggest lessons that I got from this episode happens at the end. Despite all the FOMO I got from not being able to go to Coachella, I don’t think it was an important lesson in the episode. At the very end, we get a rare moment from Tiffany where she expresses her FOMO that she has already experienced due to her pregnancy. This scene was different from the comedic scenes we’re used to, but it’s still relatable because we’ve all had fears of outgrowing friends. I think the lesson is that you can’t be afraid to outgrow people because that’s just life and there is nothing wrong with that. I also think we learned that we may not always know what a friend is going through, so you have to check up on your friends, even your strong ones.

6. "Ready-Like": Stay ready

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I feel like an important lesson is to wrap it up, which was a great thing for Insecure to showcase especially since in the past they got backlash for not showing safe sex. Yet the most important thing would have to be to stay ready. Whether you are having unprotected sex like Lawrence, or in a relationship with a man in an open relationship you need to stay ready for what may happen. Life comes at you fast and you need to stay ready. 

7. "Obsessed-Like": We've all been there

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On most days I relate to Issa, but this episode was just all too relatable. If you have never been ghosted by someone you are probably a perpetual ghoster yourself, and should then be ashamed. For the rest of the millennials who have endured the pain that is ghosting, you can probably find some part of this episode that made you say, “yeah I’ve done that.” Whether you’ve constantly stalked someones social media, or posted a picture just for them to see, or even created an excuse to go to there house so that you can check up on them, we’ve all done some things because of a ghosting.

8. "Ghost-Like": All good things come to an end... until they start again

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Like every good show, the season must come to an end, or at least a pause where we have to wait a whole year for the show to come back. In this episode we see the possibilities of a couple different exes coming back into Issa and Molly’s life come to an end. At the same time you wonder if maybe this is just a glimpse at Season 4. While I don’t think Issa and Lawrence are going to be getting back together, their black nerd connection was undeniable and almost made you think of how amazing it could be if they suddenly got back together. This episode showed us that things have to come to an end until, you see past them at what comes next. Unfortunately for us we have to wait a whole year for Insecure to come back.