8 Organizational Hacks for the Little Things

Do you feel like you live in chaos? Are you surrounded by clutter? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, don’t worry! We are here to help. Being organized can make all the difference. Many of the best organizational products are costly, and as broke college students we try to avoid anything attached to the word “expensive”. A lot of the time, we have to make do with cheaper materials or with what we have lying around. If you scour Pinterest, you will find that people are constantly creating inventions with specific purposes, but others will repurpose that invention to function as something totally different. This is called accidental design. So before you decide to toss a seemingly useless item in the trash, try researching unique organizational ways that you can use that item.  Life is all about the DIY projects! Consider the following:

1. Shower Rods = Closet Shoe Storage

We’re girls. We have a lot of shoes, but we also have a lot of clothes and miscellaneous items in our closets. So how do we stay organized in such a tiny space? Instead of just throwing your shoes on the closet floor, consider using adjustable shower rods. You can stagger the rods for heels (put them at an angle), and you can level them for flats. 

2. Wine Rack= Hairstyling Tools Holder

There is a very slim chance that your portable wine rack is empty, but just in case it is, you should try using it to hold your hairstyling tools! It is a great idea if you are always scrambling to find a place to store your hot hair dryer, flat iron, or curling iron.

3. Towel Racks & Shower Hooks = Jewelry Display

Do you have an available towel rack in your bathroom? If so, buy some shower hooks and make it a beautiful jewelry display. Be careful if it’s right above the toilet, though as you don’t ant to loose any! Shower hooks are also an awesome tool to hang scarves or purses on. Just attach the shower hooks to a hanger or your closet shelf.

4. Paper Towel Holder = Bracelet Holder

You can have some fun with this! Use an intricately designed paper towel holder or simply paint a paper towel holder a fun color to create a beautiful bracelet holder. It works best when the bracelets are bangles.

5. Clip Hanger = Boots Hanger

This organizational hack is very straight forward. You normally use clip hangers for skirts or trousers, but that’s not all they are useful for. Try clipping in your riding boots, too. This allows the boots to remain upright, but it also looks very neat.

6. Pill Organizer = Travel Jewelry Box

Jewelry is often very hard to pack when you are traveling. You can’t just throw accessories into a Ziploc bag. If you do, there is a great chance that your necklaces will get tangled or your earrings will poke holes in the bag. This organizational hack may not help with the necklaces, but it is a great idea for earrings and rings. Just purchase a pill organizer form Walgreens and call it a day!

7. Spice Rack = Office Supply Holder

What do you do when your desk has no drawers? Where do you put all of your office supplies? Try a spice rack! Grab those rubber bands, push pins, paper clips, etc. and put each in their own spice container.

8.     Bath Caddy = Cocktail Caddy

This organizational hack is just for fun! The cocktail caddy is a great idea for anyone planning to enjoy a nice day outside on your patio, at the beach or at picnic. All you have to do is grab your fun margarita supplies (mixers, straws, umbrellas, etc.) and place them in their own compartment in the shower caddy. It’s a very convenient mode of transportation. Sounds like a plan, right?

These simple and affordable DIY organizers are sure to bring you a stress free environment. Say goodbye to the chaos!