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74 Things I’d Rather Do Than Study for Finals

1. Only listen to Kidz Bop music for the rest of my life

2. Wear Gator merch for a month


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3. Drop my purse in the pool at Recess

4. Drive a Fiat Multipla


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5. Walk barefoot across Coliseum

6. Type all my assignments using just my feet

7. Have The Ketchup Song be the first dance song at my wedding

8. Walk Mount Diffenbaugh in heels, drunk

9. Confront my crush about my feelings, and get shut down

10. Accidentally send my crush screenshots of our conversations, instead of to my friends

11. Drive to McDonalds and have the ice cream machine be “broken”

12.  Break into dance anytime I hear a John Legend song

13. Watch all 30 of the Godzilla films in slow motion

14. Eat a carrot “hotdog”

15. Drink a gallon of Four Loko


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16. Get banded under 21 until I’m 24

17. Get locked out of my apartment at 4am

18. Eat 24 cent Ramen for a month

19. Dye my hair neon green

20. Eat a tablespoon of sand

21. Listen to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls for 40 days straight

22. Ride a bike all the way to Canada

23. Have The Shining twins appear in my room at midnight

24. Be called “Big Tuna”

25. Work at the Sushi Factory with Drake and Josh

26. Eat at Suwannee, every day- for a year.

27.  Be the chosen one

28. Paint my bedroom walls with a toothbrush

29. Then paint them all back to white because I live in a student apartment

30. Go to an afternoon football game after having my pupils dilated


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31. Swim with jellyfish

32. Run laps all the way up the Pensacola parking garage


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33. Order a venti at Starbucks and drop all of it

34. Get punched in the face by John Cena

35. Drink soup in 95-degree weather

36. Read the Bible of Mathematics

37. Burn my apartment down after forgetting to put water in my Easy Mac

38. Wear sneaker heels

39. Wear wet socks under all my shoes for a week

40. Eat dog food

41. Get “randomly” selected to be searched at the airport

42. Write an essay on the deeper meaning of Fergie’s iconic “Fergalicious”

43. Eat nothing but hot Cheetos for a whole week

44. Forget to shave my legs for a fancy event

45. Forget to shave only ONE leg for a fancy event

46. Show up to class to get a “class canceled” email as I’m walking through the door


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47. Hit my side on a counter every time I use the word ‘like’

48. Wait for new construction on campus to end

49. Count strands of grass

50. Get stuck in the on-campus Chick-Fil-A line at 12:15 PM on a Monday


Courtesy: Baltimore Sun


51. Trust the FSU parking app to be correct

52. Screenshot someone’s snap story by accident

53. Get Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

54. Go down a slip n slide with no water

55. Sit through an Orgo lecture

56. Send a drunk email to my professor

57. Get Swine Flu

58. Braid my hair using Chinese finger traps

59. Show up to Clydes 100% sober.

60. Work for Michael Scott

61. Be Assistant to the Regional Manager

62. Go through a 2007 Britney Spears crisis


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63. Wear Crocs on my wedding day

64. Hit my ankle with a Razor scooter

65. Wait for pedestrians to jaywalk during your green light

66. Lose access to my Netflix account

67. Get stuck at the top of the Sheikra ride for 2 hours


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68. Wear UM clothes to the FSU vs. UM football game

69. Break my thumb during a thumb war

70. Go to Potbelly’s dressed in a Unicorn onesie

71. Be allergic to puppies

72. Then find a litter of puppies in my basement and not be able to pet them

73. Go vegan for a year

74. Sleep

Alejandra is a Junior at Florida State University double majoring in Media Communication Studies and Editing, Writing, and Media. Upon graduating from FSU she aspires to become a screenwriter.
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