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7 Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Uh oh! The end of high school has arrived and you and your boyfriend have to part ways on different endeavors. You have heard your friends’ words of wisdom saying, “It’s time to break up and start a fresh single life in college,” but you do not want to. Even though you guys are going your separate ways this does not mean you cannot express your love in other ways. If you are feeling negatively about the distance between the two of you read these ways on how you can maintain a long distance relationship. 

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1. Communication is key but over-communication is not

Yes, many people say that in a relationship you have to communicate; but by communication people do not mean you have to talk from the moment you both wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Did you guys talk that much when you lived 10 minutes from each other? Being overbearing by constantly talking can prove to 1. Push either one of you away because it feels overbearing or 2. The conversation will eventually be dry because you both have been talking every second of the day. Do not forget the phrase “quality over quantity.” It is not about the amount of times you talk but about what you talk about.

2. Talk about your expectations before leaving

Like I said before, communication is key, especially when it comes to what the both of you expect in the long distance relationship. Even though the conversation might be awkward you have to discuss topics such as “Are you guys staying exclusive?” It is the best idea and easiest way to avoid the fight if you both open up to each other and talk about things.

3. Talk dirty to me

Okay you caught me, I just really wanted to reference Jason Derulo. The heart and the mind may understand what distance is but the hormones do not. What I have learned is that the physical part of the relationship is just as important as the emotional side of the relationship. Thank goodness in today’s day and age we have technology with very flirtatious emoticons. Don’t hesitate to send teasing messages and provocative scenarios to spice things up. This will keep both you and your partner at ease, and remember: sexual things are proven to release stress ;).

4. Meet halfway or at least take turns who visits

Let’s face it: there is nothing more exciting than seeing your partner when you two have been split up for a while. After the long semesters, a simple forehead kiss or cuddling in bed seems so intimate for those who are in two separate places. Seeing each other for the first time in months has never felt so incredible. It’s as if you are at the beginning stages of a relationship with the butterflies and giddy smiles all over again. I definitely would say that is the best part about a long distance relationship.

5. Trust is a must

Social media is great but it is also not great. It is college and you both are young and you both want to go out. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, Snap Chat only covers 10 seconds at a time and if you are posting stuff that looks like you are going wild and crazy then yikes! Do not worry though; thanks to trust everything will be fine. The both of you have to realize that it is just your partner having fun. You both have to trust each other to be able to go out and have a good time with a group of their girlfriends or guy friends and party it up!

6. “One day”

Reader, if you are anything like me you love to plan for the future. Take the opportunity every now and then to talk about the “one days” you two could share. After the few years of being apart you will live in the same city together again, and you might even get engaged. Even though that is far off into the future it helps you both get excited and want to work towards that “one day” making the long distance seem so much more worth it, anticipating that there is a future with the both of you.

7. Come together

At the end of the semester it is time to come home. The few fights here and there over text are long over and easily ignored because you can just throw your phone down and disappear. But, when it comes to being home, there are no more aversions; you will have to face it. Your lives have been separate for a while now and after finally making different friends and building different lives you have to try and fit both of them together and that comes with effort. Coming back together after the time of being apart may be equally as challenging but it is up to the both of you to come together when you get home and find your balance again.

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