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7 Uncommon Netflix Shows to Binge Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

We have all come to the point where we are staring at our Netflix account wondering what to watch. We ask our family, friends, the person we sit next to in class for recommendations, yet nothing seems to cut it. These aren’t your typical shows like The Office or Friends that everyone and their mother has seen. Check out my list of top uncommon Netflix shows. 

The Society 

Courtesy: Netflix

The best way I can describe this show is Lord of the Flies meets Riverdale. If you’re feeling nostalgic, tune into The Society. While this show only has one season so far, it is the perfect twist to your typical high school drama. This show follows a group of teenagers who attend the same high school that somehow find themselves in a world where all the adults disappeared. Without supervision or rules, they have to learn how to run an effective society. Murder, romance, action, this show has it all. 


Courtesy: Netflix 

This heartwarming show follows the life of Sam, a high school senior with autism and his family. A different version of Modern Family or Black-ish, this is the perfect show to check out when you need something to make you smile. 


Schitt’s Creek 

Courtesy: Netflix

This is the perfect show when you need to tune into something mind-numbing. This show follows a very peculiar family who used to be extremely wealthy. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they lost everything they owned. The story shows their move to a small, rural town where they have to learn to fit in and adjust their lifestyle in order to succeed. 



Dead to Me 

Courtesy: Netflix

Best friends, dead husbands, hidden secrets, this show has it all. While this show started out as your typical drama, it quickly spiraled into a dark story. The story follows two recent widows, who befriend each other to help cope with their recent losses. There are lots of twists and turns that made this show compelling to watch. You won’t want to stop watching once it starts. 


Selling Sunset 

Courtesy: Netflix

Ever need a reality TV show to mindlessly binge, but are tired of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Check out Selling Sunset. This show follows the personal and professional lives of realtors in Los Angeles, California. The ladies show people mansions all over California. If you grew up watching HGTV, this is similar, just way more dramatic!


Girl Boss

Courtesy: Netflix

This show is inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling book. It follows the character Sophia, who is a broke girl in her mid-20’s with aspirations in life, but no set path on how to achieve them. She begins selling her clothes online and realizes that fashion is her true calling. Eventually, she becomes a businesswoman and her very own #girlboss. One of the best parts of this show? It stars the hilarious Britt Robertson. 


Orange Is the New Black 

Courtesy: Netflix

You’ve probably heard of this award-winning show, but have you really gotten into it? Some say this first season is too sexual, however, when you get into later seasons, this show hits important topics such as prison reform, sexual abuse, and racism in America. This show will open your eyes to a world some may not believe. 


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Sarah is a Sophomore at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Advertising and Hospitality. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts and taking pictures.
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