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7 Thoughts You Have While Watching Corinne on The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Every new season of The Bachelor brings new surprises, serious girl crushes and in the end, an over the top engagement that is borderline uncomfortable. Overall, one thing is always constant when it comes to The Bachelor, and that is the one contestant that never ceases to make America hate them. Every time this person opens their mouth, you may catch yourself rolling your eyes or gasping for air after they say something so ridiculously stupid.

For the 21st season of The Bachelor, the lucky gal who has shown America why she should be the next “Chad” of the season is 24-year-old Corinne Olympios from Miami, FL. After only four episodes, Corinne has taken her top off on a group date, made Bachelor, Nick, lick whipped cream off her chest and managed to sleep through a Rose Ceremony.

If that isn’t enough to make the blood curdle inside of you, then just remember that Corinne revealed she has a nanny who is in charge of making her bed, doing her laundry and making all of her meals (including her favorite cheese pasta, which may or may not be Corinne’s way of saying mac-n-cheese). After watching Episode 4 last week, here are seven reactions you probably had while watching Corinne on The Bachelor.

1. When Corinne asks Nick to pass the whip cream:

2. When Corinne sleeps through the Rose Ceremony:

3. When Corinne’s name gets called for the group date:

4. When Corinne revealed she has a nanny (Yes, it is true she is in fact 24-years-old):

5. When Corinne said, “I made Corrine great again!” (Watch out Donald Trump, looks like you have some competition in four years):

6. When Corinne tries to dance during the Backstreet Boys group date:

7. Every time Corinne says “We’re trying to get engaged here,”:

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