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A lot of things come out of being a senior on a college campus: you’re finally the oldest (and hopefully wisest), you get first dibs at limited student football tickets for big games, and you slowly become filled with dread and excitement about the new life you will very shortly be leading. As a senior myself, I can assure you that these seven thoughts are most definitely guaranteed to cross a graduating senior’s mind at least once (probably more than once).

1. I can’t believe it’s already here.

A lot of people tell you that college is going to fly by, but it’s hard to believe them until you’re three months from graduation and you feel like you should only be halfway through your sophomore year. Four years has never flown by so fast, and I have a feeling it won’t ever fly by like this again. No matter how many times you try to let it sink in, it will never really click in your head that your four years as a college student are almost over.

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2. How does graduation even work?

I think it would shock people just how little information a graduating senior gets when it comes to their own graduation. Do you have to get a fitting for your cap and gown? Where do we walk in? How do we sit? Who is the commencement speaker? Do I get my diploma right away? Why can’t I decorate my cap? Maybe it’s their last-ditch attempt at trying to turn us into adults before we’re thrown out into the world, but every college senior is bonded by the lack of information. Hey, at least we can all figure it out together.

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3. What is the point of cover letters?

Okay, maybe this is just me, but as the perilous and exhausting hunt for a full time, post-college time sucks out any energy that was left in my soul I find myself questioning the process. For every job, it’s another new cover letter with the same information just slightly changed around. Who knew you could say you’re a smart, well-rounded individual in so many different variations?

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4. Did I do everything I should have in college?

A common fear for sure, it’s only natural to wonder whether or not you truly accomplished everything you wanted to in your time in college. A way not to worry is to think about it this way: whatever you did do is what you were supposed to do. Maybe you didn’t do too much your first couple years or you didn’t party as much as some of your friends or you didn’t make straight A’s like you had hoped, but none of that matters. Just because somebody else did things differently doesn’t mean that your experience isn’t any less valid. Your college experience is your own.

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5. What if I don’t get a job before graduation?

Life after graduation is like a big, dark abyss. You aren’t sure what’s going to come of it or where you’re going to end up, and that can be a scary thing. A big way to help alleviate that fear is to get a job. Unfortunately, locking down a job months before you graduate is not so easy, especially if you’re trying to stay closer to home and not heading for a major city with big companies. The good thing is, however, is the date in which you lock down a job has nothing to do with your worth as an employee or a person. You will get a job and you will get a great job. Just keep plowing away at all those stupid cover letters.

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6. I don’t want to leave my friends.

Just like high school, as graduation approaches the question starts to pop in your head of ‘will I be able to keep my friendships after I leave?’ In all honesty, you probably won’t continue being friends with everyone you know from college. With everyone going every which way and to job fields that are going to take up a lot of time, it’s not easy to keep up with long-distance friends. However, those friends that were really close–the best of the best–are never going to leave you.

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I think this one speaks for itself, but all I will say is: it will be okay.  

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