7 Things Undergrads Shouldn’t Take for Granted at FSU

1. The SLC

Courtesy: localwiki.com

Free movies should NEVER be taken for granted. The orientation leaders bring you there for a night during your initial stay but many students neglect it after that but you really shouldn’t! The SLC screens everything from dated classics, to new releases and advanced screenings, plus it’s all for free. The SLC really is the overlooked gem of FSU.

2. Y-Bombs

I don’t care if you don’t like Red Bulls or vodka or both mixed together in an unsurprising digestively upsetting combination, you have to try at least one during your time at FSU.  Anywhere else in the country whether it be a bar, club or even a college town bar, the bartender will give you a well-deserved skeptical look and pour you “vodka Redbull” which just isn’t the same. Only at FSU will a bartender give you a look of slight approval and know what you mean when you slur out the words, “Can I getta y-bomb?” You’ll miss them when they’re gone but you’ll miss just knowing you have the ability to order them even more.

3. The Night Life

Courtesy: The Standard Tallahassee Facebook

Tallahassee isn’t like any other city. There are no skyscrapers, known nickname like “sin city” or densely populated downtown area. In fact, without the vitality of a college town, Tallahassee wouldn’t be much of a city at all. However, Tallahassee has a nightlife just as wild as any other typical city. Name another place you can go out every day of the week including Sundays or that’ll let high school students into bars without looking at their IDs twice. It may be considered destructive, draining and exhausting but it’s your prime setting to let your wild side out during your college years.

4. Sweet Shop

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It may be a little ways away from the heart of campus but the Sweet Shop is not to be forgotten. With walls decorated in what seems to be every single FSU student, current and alum, the Sweet Shop is the perfect spot to cozy up with friends and have a coffee or to set up shop during exam weeks when club Stroz gets too crazy. They have lists of endless coffee combinations, a sweet banana and Nutella croissant sandwich and a variety of shaved ices that you should take advantage of while you have the chance. A personal favorite is the iced happy camper espresso latte, it’s like drinking a liquid s’more.

5. Cascades Park

Courtesy: tallahassee.com

Unlike the SLC, Cascades Park is Tallahassee’s crown jewel. When the weather permits, which is pretty up in the air with Florida, Cascades is the perfect spot to go for a run, take your dog for a day out, have a picnic, ride bikes and even study. Since it’s a drive from campus a lot of students don’t take full advantage of this little wonder and it’s often forgotten about since Tallahassee is dominated by urbanization. But you won’t regret visiting every now and then to appreciate it’s beauty, attend one of its many festivals or even just grab a bite to eat at the popular restaurant, The Edison.

6. The Career Center

FSU has a bomb career center that not enough students take advantage of. If you’re unsure of your resume, looking for an internship, preparing for an interview or just have basic questions, the Career Center has got you covered, seriously. You should also really take the time to peruse their website, they have endless job and internship listings that they can match to your specific major. The career center only has your best interest in mind. They only want to see you succeed and they offer a plethora of services to make sure you do.

7. Football Season

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For the love of all things good in this world, you should go to the football games. There’s no experience quite like game days at FSU and some schools with subpar teams never get to have the same experience. There’s something about the atmosphere thick with a unified spirit that makes even the most dead-set football hater feel the magic.