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7 Things Only Chihuahua Owners Will Understand

Oh, Chihuahuas. They’re the tiniest, cutest and most aggressive dogs you’ll ever encounter. I absolutely love my dog. She’s part Chihuahua and absolutely adorable — and let’s just say that she’s different from most dogs. People don’t quite understand Daisy unless they have a Chihuahua themselves. There are some things that us Chihuahua owners just can’t explain. 

1. They Have a Favorite Person

Daisy has a favorite — and it’s not me; it’s my dad. She’s absolutely obsessed with him. She follows him everywhere, waits by the door for him to walk in after work and only listens to him. I always call her fake just because of the fact that she loves everyone else when my dad’s not around, but as soon as he walks in the door, she forgets about everyone else.

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2. They’re Very Anxious

Chihuahuas make the funniest faces that are perfect for memes. Those huge, watery Chihuahua eyes kill me. They’re always anxious for some odd reason.

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3. They’re So Aggressive

Chihuahuas are known to be aggressive and I totally agree. This anger isn’t just geared towards strangers, it’s geared towards everyone. My dog growls whenever people “bother” her. For instance, I’ll try to pick her up and she’ll try to bite me. After 9 p.m., everyone in my house leaves my dog alone just because she gets tired and super grumpy. They’re very tiny animals that claim to be very tough.

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4. They Love Being the Center of Attention   

One of the funniest things about Chihuahuas is that they LOVE attention. There will be times when Daisy will sit on the couch with my mom to “watch” the news, sit on top of my brother as soon as he starts playing video games and sits in between my boyfriend and me on the couch. All the attention has to be on Chihuahuas.

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5. Strangers Can’t Touch Them

“She’s so cute! Can I pet her?”

That’s the question I absolutely hate to hear. Chihuahuas don’t do well with strangers. My dog gets anxious around people that she doesn’t recognize. She’ll get so anxious that she’ll sometimes bite them. My response usually is, “OK, but she bites.”

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6. They Randomly Get Hyper

Chihuahuas have this tendency to get really hyper, literally out of nowhere. My dog has these episodes where she just runs around the house at an extremely fast pace. It’s something that I will never understand about Chihuahuas and I really can’t go much into detail about either.

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7. They’re Adorable

You got to love those huge eyes and tiny heads.

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Carelyn is a student at Florida State University. She's double majoring in Editing, Writing, Media and Humanities. Carelyn loves pastel colors, thought-provoking books, and exploring the beautiful world.  
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