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7 Things to Do If You’re Stuck in Tally Over the Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Calling all fellow riders of the Tallahassee summer struggle bus! If you’re stuck in Tally this summer taking classes, working or doing an internship, but you’re dreading the boredom and loneliness, fear not! I’ve made a list of different things you can do to spice up your summer in Tallahassee. From day trips to free activities on campus, this list has everything you need for a summer filled with fun memories.

1. Drop by the FSU Reservation

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Open all year, the FSU Reservation is an FSU-owned facility located on Lake Bradford. Students get free admission and can rent equipment like kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. There are also areas for volleyball and disc golf, as well as many other activities. Talk about the perfect way to spend a nice summer afternoon!

2. Sign up for fun classes

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When I say, “fun classes,” I’m definitely not talking about those required summer credit hours. FSU offers art classes for students and the general public that include activities like pottery and drawing during each summer session. These classes last six weeks and cost $48 for students. The Leach also offers various free fitness classes throughout the summer!

3. Explore the city

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Tallahassee has so much more to offer than students may think. With multiple parks like J.R. Alford Greenway and Lafayette Park across town as well as beautiful canopy roads, there are more than a few places to walk, enjoy nature and take great photos. And don’t forget Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park, an incredible botanical garden off of Thomasville Road.

4. Take day trips

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Being stuck in one city all summer can be draining, and a change of scenery might be exactly what you need to keep your “head in the game” when it comes to that dreaded summer workload. Try going to a nearby beach like Alligator Point, driving to Wakulla Springs for a fun tubing trip or even exploring Thomasville for some good shopping and even better food!

5. See a movie

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This summer, there is an endless stream of highly anticipated films coming out on the big screen. You can see these films at a local theater, or you can wait a few weeks and see them for free at the FSU Student Life Cinema with a student I.D.

6. Visit Jubilee Orchards

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From now until June 8, Jubilee Orchards is having hours for the general public to go pick blueberries to take home. Priced at only $7 a pound, it’s super affordable, and the orchards are just a quick 30-minute drive from campus!

7. Go to a museum

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There are multiple museums in Tallahassee that can fit the interests of many different types of people. These museums span across the board, including science, history, art and nature museums which are all definitely worth the visit!

Hopefully, this list was helpful for anyone stuck in Tallahassee over the summer or even people looking for things to do when they get back in the fall!

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