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7 Seasonal Treats to Try Just in Time for Thanksgiving

1. Pringles: Thanksgiving Day Flavors

Courtesy: Delish

With eight new flavors especially designed for the season, Pringles is taking the lead when it comes to snacks I’m eager to try. They combined their classic chip with traditional Thanksgiving favorites to create this fun, TV dinner inspired package that requires, as noted, zero cooking. Pick up this novelty item for an amusing addition your Thanksgiving feast.

2. Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate

Courtesy: 7-Eleven

Turn your summer Slurpee runs into a hot chocolate one with this new addition to the vast 7-Eleven menu. For a limited time, you can pick up this exclusive drink which mimics the flavor of a mint Oreo. This is the perfect alternative for someone who loves peppermint mochas, but could do without the added caffeine. Skip the long line at Starbucks and treat yourself to this hot drink instead.

3. Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Courtesy: Trader Joes

What happens when you take a timeless Thanksgiving side and a well-loved seasonal vegetable? The answer is Trader Joe’s easy to make butternut squash mac & cheese. Though it can be found in the freezer section, this comfort food feels as home cooked as your mom’s classic recipe.

4. White Pumpkin Pie M&M’s

Courtesy: Twitter

You might think you’re over the pumpkin flavored everything, but these M&M’s are here to change your mind. Every season this beloved brand releases a new specialty flavored item and they never disappoint. Next time you see a pack of these white chocolate and pumpkin treats, make sure to grab one (or ten).

5. Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Turkey Kit

Courtesy: Trader Joes

What can I say? If anyone knows how to do the holidays, it’s Trader Joes. This turkey kit is perfect to bring to a family event or even friendsgiving. There’s really no reason why gingerbread houses need to be exclusive to Christmas. With this, you can have your turkey and build it too.

6. World Market’s Ground Coffee

Courtesy: World Market

If you’re more of a brew it yourself kind of person, then you need to go to World Market for their must-have ground coffee. With endless seasonal flavors, you are destined to find your perfect pair to go with your cold, cozy nights. Pumpkin spice is classic, but I also suggest the bourbon pecan if you prefer a nutty flavor.

7. Pillsbury Sugar Cookies

Courtesy: Pillsbury

Now if there’s only one thing on this list you’re willing to splurge for, it’s got to be these. Throw a batch of these in the oven and snack on them with your friends and family. I know Pillsbury sugar cookies are available all year round, but the turkey shape is just too good to pass up. Truly won’t be Thanksgiving without them.

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