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7 Reasons Why Seeing Your Pets Is the Best Part of Thanksgiving Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

It’s finally happening — the best time of the semester. It’s finally our break from school and the chance to go home for a few days. And while you are excited to see you siblings, parents, friends from high school, and eat yourself into a coma, you are most excited to see the one who has always been there for you—your pet! How could you not be??? It’s been the longest you haven’t seen your furry friend and it’s mostly driving you crazy not being able to cuddle with them throughout the semester.

1. They’ve always been there for you.

No matter what the situation was in high school, or even in your early years of college, your pets have always been there when they needed them. It’s been months since you last saw them and you cannot wait to simply be in their presence.

2. They’re great listeners.

Once you’re finally with them again, you can finally rant about the latest drama in your friend group or your workload and they will simply listen! Pets are the best to talk to because they just love you more for hanging out with them and they always listen to your wildest stories.

3. They don’t complain.

Unlike your parents or siblings when you are retelling your stories and adventures in college, they don’t question or complain! No, “Well, while I was in college…” interruptions or questions about your major. They never once complain about their own lives and interrupt the flow of your rant.

4. They understand you.

They must have an intuition of when you need them. Once you’re home, they come running up to you and just know you need them. You could just be chilling on the couch watching TV and they’ll come watch it with you. Whatever the scenario is, they know your need for them.

5. They are always up for a hug.

If the semester has hit you hard and you need a huge hug when you get home (from some besides a human), they’ve got you. Your pet would never turn away the opportunity to be cuddled and honestly, neither would you. The thought of your pet coming into your Tallahassee bed and snuggling with you for hours has kept you up at night — and now it can finally happen!

6. They are so freaking cute.

I mean, how could you resist that face?? That face has been on your mind since the moment you left home and, finally, you get to see it again!

7. They will always love you.

This last part is the most important. Your pet is always going to love you no matter what you do! Whether you accidentally step on their tail or go away to school for weeks on end and the only communication you’ve had was through FaceTime, they will always love you!

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