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7 Dog GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up the Week

We’ve all experienced these: the Sunday scaries, the Monday blues, the Friday bliss. The semester is dragging on, yet it also feels like finals, summer and reality (for seniors like me—ah!) are all quickly approaching. Honestly, every day is starting to feel flat-out weird; Tuesdays feel like Mondays, Thursdays feel like Fridays. It seems like everything is blurring together. The only things getting us through the week are Her Campus’s motivational Instagram posts and cute Instagram-famous corgis.

Dogs are amazing, and if you own one, or know someone that does, then you know how seeing their furry faces can improve your mood no matter what. They make Mondays better and Saturdays even sweeter. So, we’ve compiled the best dog gifs that perfectly sum up how collegiettes feel each day of the week during the semester.


You’re enjoying your Sunday morning brunch, or lounging by the pool, when all of a sudden the sudden scaries hit you: tomorrow is Monday and you need to get your life together…like yesterday.


“Just 5 more minutes, please?” There’s nothing more ‘Monday’ than hitting snooze on your alarm five times over. You’ve learned that 8 a.m classes are not your thing and 10:00 am classes are starting to feel the same…


Wait, how is it only Tuesday? The week is dragging on and it’s basically Monday 2.0. Honestly, Tuesday just needs to be erased from the week all together.


I think we can all agree that Wednesday is just a little better than Tuesday but making it through this mid-week lull is always tough. Like this doggo, just trying to make it across campus is hard enough, let alone making it through the rest of the week.


When you wake up thinking it’s Friday, but, sadly, Thursday is just a tease. However, Thursdays are good; you’re most likely done with classes by the end of the day, it’s $7 AYCD at Bulls and tomorrow is Friday! Cheer up collegiette, you’re almost to the end.


It’s 2:00 am and you’re living your best life. The work week and school week are both over, and you are living it up. You might be visiting friends, celebrating a birthday, or having a blast at happy hour. Chick-fil-a is open until 3 am, your Uber has the best post-night-out music and you’re about to go home and eat that pizza you’ve been saving for this exact moment. It’s no wonder Friday is so great.


YAY! It’s finally the best day of the week and that’s a cause for celebration. You can wake up whenever you want and you can do whatever you want! Whether you choose to do yoga, sleep in or get breakfast with your BFFs, it’s definitely going to be fun. There’s no school or work tomorrow and it feels like nothing can ruin your mood—because nothing can!

All GIFs courtesy of Giphy. 

Go Noles.
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