6 YouTubers Slaying the Beauty Game

We're back with another themed week on the site: Beauty Week. This semester, Her Campus FSU has created themed weeks dedicated to exclusive content we believe all of our readers should have access to. Keep up on the site for the next few days as we tackle everything from the best beauty brands to follow to the much-debated brazilian. Trust us, you don't want to miss this.

1. Carli Bybel

After watching a few of Carli Bybel’s videos, its easy to understand why she has over four million followers on YouTube. Appropriately nicknamed “the Beauty Bybel”, Carli’s beauty channel includes tutorials ranging from dramatic fall makeup looks to daytime glam. She also begins every video with a motivational quote, inspiring her viewers. Carli also uploads fitness and workout videos so you can look and feel beautiful inside and out following her fabulous advice! You can check her out on Instagram and YouTube!

Courtesy: Carli Bybel

2. Andrea Brooks

There’s no doubt Andrea Brooks is the queen of a dark lip. Prepping the lips first with a homemade scrub followed by perfectly applying liner to your preference as well as layering different lipsticks to reach that perfect ombre-inspired color is just one of the many tips and tricks Andrea has to offer to her followers on YouTube. Other videos worth checking out include her "Favorites" and "Get Ready With Me." Her fun and easy style is sure to fit the college lifestyle. Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram account!

Courtesy: Andrea Brooks

3. Chloe Morello

Whether you’re in the mood to look like a sex kitten or want to check out how to bronze it up like Kylie Jenner, Chloe Morello is the beauty guru for you. But before you apply the makeup, its important to keep your skin healthy and feeling fresh. With Chloe’s reviews on different skin products and treatments, you’ll be on your way to that spring break glow you’ve been dreaming of. Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram account!

Courtesy: Chloe Morello

4. Nathalie Paris

Everyone needs a Latina in their life and Nathalie Paris is the perfect example why. Only 16 years old, Nathalie Paris is close to reaching her 1 million mark of subscribers on YouTube and I urge you to help her get there. Her style reflects that of the Kardashians: strappy shoes, lace-up tops and tight dresses, all in earth tones. And just like the Kardashians, Nathalie’s makeup is always on point. Tutorials on how to get that perfect red lip holiday look or tips on diet, fitness and skin products can almost guarantee healthy and flawless looking skin. Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram!

Courtesy: Nathalie Paris

5. Sammy Robinson

Established in Australia, Sammy Robinson is the ultimate bronze beach babe. Her perfect tan and bleach blonde hair is enviable to most. Sammy’s most popular videos include “Gigi Hadid’s VMA Makeup Look” and her birthday edition of "Get Ready with Me."  Her looks range from bohemian chic to night-time glam. If you’re already thinking of Talloweek prospects, then check out her lion-inspired Halloween makeup tutorial for a fun and flirty costume idea! Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram!

Courtesy: Sammy Robinson

6. Leigh Ann

When watching Leigh Ann’s YouTube videos, you can really tell she loves what she does. Her genuine and positive energy is contagious and, combined with her A1 beauty tutorials, you’ll be ready to start the day feeling happier and looking even better. From Leigh Ann’s amazing product reviews to her “Top 5 Everyday Mauve Lipsticks” (all the rage this spring), you are surely to be covered for any beauty need! Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram account!

Courtesy: Leigh Ann