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6 Ways to Prepare For the End of the Spring Semester

As the spring semester comes to a close for Florida State, we all are spending endless hours in Strozier, studying for finals week before jetting off to a summer vacation destination. However, if you don’t properly prepare yourself for the last few weeks of the spring semester, you may have a hard time passing your final exams and struggling to earn credit for your classes. Here are six ways to help you prepare for finals week and summer vacation:

1. Organize your plans and make a schedule

If you don’t already know when your final exams and essays are, now is the perfect time to write them down or mark them in your calendar. Check your course schedules for all of your classes and make sure that you schedule your exams accordingly. Some classes may even have essays due the week before finals week, either giving you more time to study for other classes or allowing you to leave campus earlier. You may have some exams back to back and if you keep a schedule, you can dedicate enough time to studying and writing essays.

2. Create better studying habits

Even if you don’t wait until the last minute to study, finding time to actually sit down and study without interruptions can be difficult. Don’t wait until the very last second to reread a passage before taking a final exam. Space out your studying and start reviewing now, even if there’s over a week until finals week. While Strozier is the most obvious place to park your laptop and review materials, it’s also the busiest. You should try to find a quieter and less busy place to study, like Catalina cafe or even the second floor of 1851 by Azalea hall.

3. Start planning trips now

If you plan on leaving Tallahassee for the summer, make sure to start planning your vacations now rather than later. Prices of airfare and hotels will be much cheaper if you start making your plans now. Although finals week can be exhausting, take a break to prepare the next adventure you want to take before heading back to school the next semester.

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4. Rent or buy a storage unit

Even though you may not think you’ll need it, you probably will. If you are an undergrad and plan on returning to Florida State for the fall semester, it might be more efficient to store most, if not all, of your dorm items in a storage unit. You can rent storage units all around Tallahassee and even share them with friends. The UPS store on campus also provides storage facilities for students at varying prices. For more information, check out the UPS Store.

5. Keep track of your grades

As the end of the semester looms over your head, so do your final grades, which will factor into your overall GPA. Final essays and exams most of the time make or break your grade for certain classes, which can either be a good or bad thing. However, if you continue to review the material given and turn in the last few assignments with full effort, finals week will be nothing more than a breeze.

6. Prepare for fall classes

Even though the last thing on your mind will be what classes you will be taking the following semester during summer break, it’s important to make sure that everything is prepared before you go on vacation. These last few weeks are the last times you will be able to talk to your advisors before the fall semester, so now is the time to solidify your classes for the fall semester. Even if you plan on changing classes or adding one during add/drop week, letting your advisor know or having a backup plan may be essential in case a class becomes full.

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