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6 Struggles of Going to the Biggest Party School in the Nation

Florida State is widely known for its partying and general craziness. Students love letting loose, but here are just six of some unfortunate obstacles we face along the way.

1. You blow money as if you’re rich

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In reality, you’re a broke college student who’s spending their grocery money on alcohol and “drunchies” (drunk munchies). Never open a tab, because it will seem like a portal to endless drinks, and the next day you will have so many regrets.

2. You miss class way too often

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To be fair, it’s because you didn’t go to sleep until 3 a.m. due to extreme partying. Although Tally bars generally close at 2 a.m. (which is pretty early compared to actual nightlife), you will find yourself on an adventure; either swimming in Wescott Fountain or going on the ultimate hunt for food (or both) which will inevitably push your bed time.

3. Paying attention in class AIN’T EASY

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For those who gather up the strength to actually drag themselves into class, the first step is complete just by being there. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have much brain power to actually pay attention to the lecture.

4. You have to find extra energy to go out every night

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These college students cannot be tamed, and who cares if it’s a Monday night? Clyde’s has you covered with deals that are too good to refuse!

5. You have to use your time productively to study so that your social life doesn’t affect your grades

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Students here at Florida State know how to have a good time, but we also know how to get down to business and hit the books because our academics are the reason we’re here in the first place.

6. You have to learn how to deal with FOMO

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You can have the night of your life any time here in Tallahassee. However, you have to learn how to say “no” sometimes and stay in (and deal with your phone getting blown up with Snapchats from your friends who went to that awesome frat party).

Although there may be some distractions and hardships, we love going to this crazy school that really does provide the ultimate college experience.

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