6 Reactions to 'This Is Us' Premiering After the Super Bowl

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers.

So if you’re both a football and a This Is Us fan like myself, Sunday is a huge night for our emotions. After watching a riveting football game between the Patriots and Eagles, I’ll be switching gears to watch a high stakes episode of one of the most emotional shows out there, trading wings and soda for tissues and possibly ice cream. USA Today reported that "This Is Us promises answers about Jack's death, and surprises, after the Super Bowl.” That is huge.

Basically, the whole show since it started in September of 2016 has been a big question about how amazing father and husband Jack Pearson passed. Many predictions have been made and the last episode left us with the most revealing scene of an inevitable fire that is starting in the Pearson household. Jack finishes up cleaning after their Super Bowl festivities and we begin to see smoke vent out of a crockpot he and his wife received from a very cute older couple. Anyway, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Kudos to NBC for planning to have his death and the likely heart-wrenching details of the accident air at the same time as it supposedly happened in the show. As if I wasn’t excessively attached to these characters already, now I get to really feel the timing of Jack’s passing as if it were really occurring in my life. The cast is also going to be on The Tonight Show after the episode comes on around 10:15 EST, depending on when the big game ends. So stay tuned for that!

With all of these high stakes and potentially earth-shattering/satisfying answers to the show, I am feeling some mixed reactions and I’m sure you are too. So without further adieu, here are the reactions that I have been feeling since I heard the news about This Is Us following the Super Bowl this Sunday.

1. Hearing the news was a moment of shock and happiness all in one.

Courtesy: NBC

2. When creator Dan Fogelman tells USA Today that “all of the stuff people might be theorizing about regarding Jack's death will get wrapped up in this episode,” my happiness turned to a little bit of frustration and maybe even some fear. What you are doing to our emotions, Mr. Fogelman, is insane.  

Courtesy: NBC

3. Then I started thinking about the brilliance of the timing of Jack’s passing coinciding with the Super Bowl and was just flat out impressed with NBC. They coordinated this episode so seamlessly into my TV calendar. Way. To. Go. NBC.  

Courtesy: NBC

4.This is the way I felt when I realized how emotionally invested I am in this show.

Courtesy: NBC

5. When I got over that. 

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6. Then, I realized this Sunday night can turn out however it does, but at least I get to see Tom Brady and Milo Ventimiglia on my TV so cheers to that.

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Good luck to all, and keep the wings close but the tissues closer.