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Sunday night, the women from Season 22 of The Bachelor all sat down to talk about the crazy things that have happened over the last eight weeks. Among the participants were several fan favorites including Tia, Bekah M., Bibiana and, of course, Krystal. Within minutes Chris Harrison was sweating. Though he should be pretty used to the drama, nothing could have prepared any of us for what went down last night.


Known for being this season’s villain, fans were eager to hear what Krystal had to say, but we were all shocked when she opened her mouth and mysteriously her trademark raspy vice was gone. Instead, she spoke in a normal, much less annoying tone. When Olivia asked her about why she was speaking differently, Krystal merely claimed she lost her voice on the show…for six weeks. Okay, girl, I don’t really know what you were trying to accomplish by bamboozling all of America, but the truth is out, not every villain is born with an evil laugh after all.

2. Glam-shaming isn’t a thing…or is it?

My favorite outtake of the season had to be when Marikh accused Chelsea of glam-shaming her. During the Lake Tahoe dates, Chelsea complained to Arie that Marikh was more concerned with her physical appearance than the team task at hand. As a result, the women fought it out on stage to determine if glam-shaming even existed. I think I have to side with Brittany T. who kept repeating “It’s not a thing!” during the argument. Regardless, Chelsea offered Marikh a compact mirror as a peace offering, though it was clearly not well received.

3. Caroline calls out Arie

Rumors have been swirling all season over an alleged crazy twist the finale will take. I have tried my absolute hardest to stay away from any and all spoilers, so far succeeding. I have no idea what Arie supposedly did, but Caroline sure does and is not happy about it. When Arie took the stage she called him out saying, “I know what you did and I can’t believe you would do that,” fighting tears of fury. Since the finale hasn’t aired yet, the only response Arie could give was “I think that’ll play out.”

4. Bekah M. talks about her age one last time

The 22-year-old is one of, if not the, youngest contestant to appear on the show but she is so over people bringing that up. She called out Tia for going behind her back to Arie and expressing concerns over her readiness for marriage. Arie even admitted he let her age “scare [him] off.” Bekah clapped back pointing out that there were girls there only a couple of years older than her, yet no one seemed to question their maturity. She even singled out Krystal, using her as an example to say that age doesn’t determine one’s ability to communicate or handle situations delicately. Ouch.

5. Tia responds to being sent home

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of this season, Tia questioned Arie’s decision to choose Kendall over her. While at the moment Tia felt like she was not good enough for him, she has thankfully since changed her tune. Reflecting on falling in love, Tia told Chris Harrison, “How lucky am I to have felt something so special and so real with someone, even though it led to heartbreak? It allows me to see my worth and what I deserve in a relationship, and that means more to me than anything- that I see what I deserve.” Just another reason why I think Tia would make a great Bachelorette.

6. Arie confronts the real Krystal

The moment we had all been waiting for. Krystal joined Arie on the couch to discuss their breakup, which she described as “cold.” Arie responded saying, “In a way, looking back now, I feel like it was pretty appropriate.” YES! Arie finally got to see how Krystal acted when he wasn’t around and he was not happy about it. He mentioned it upset him most because he felt they actually had a really good connection, but after seeing her true behavior on the show Arie wondered if “maybe [he] dragged it on way longer than [he] should have.” At this point, I was clapping right along with the audience. Finally, Krystal got what was coming to her.

While Sunday night was certainly a lot, the drama doesn’t stop there folks. Last night we watched Arie share fantasy suites with Lauren, Becca, and Kendall and let’s just say it was wild. Tune in next Monday, March 5 at 8 p.m. to see who Arie picks…if he chooses anyone at all!

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