5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It’s about that time of the year. Your closet is overflowing, your to-do lists are piling up, your room is getting a little messier than you’d like it to be, and you can’t even remember what you ate for dinner last night. It might be time for you to do some spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to get organized and rid yourself of the unnecessary clutter in your life. With these tips, you’ll be ready to successfully take the final few weeks of the semester by storm.  

1. Organize your desk

It’s difficult to concentrate if you have a messy workplace, especially if you find yourself with miscellaneous items across your desk like I do. Chances are you don’t need many of the things on your desk right now. Sort through the piles of papers you have and file the important ones away. Go through and trash old pens that don’t work anymore. Stock up and replenish supplies of post-it notes, index cards, and paper clips. 

2. Go through your closet

As girls, this is probably the most important — yet intimidating — item on the list. We all know that dreaded feeling of walking into our closets and thinking, “I have nothing to wear!” Take the time to go through your entire closet piece-by-piece and I promise you’ll be surprised at what you find. Be honest with yourself as you go through your closet and think about what you wear and what you maybe don’t like anymore.

3. Clear out your phone

I have countless numbers and names in my contact list of people that I don’t talk to anymore or have no idea whom they are. Go through your contact list and delete the contacts you don’t need. Add last names to rogue contacts and capitalize names where needed. Then, go through your photos and ask yourself if you really need that random screenshot of your texting conversation with a friend. Not only will you free up space on your phone, but you will also save yourself time when you’re searching for things later.  

4. Clean up your social media accounts

At some point in your college career, you’re going to have to apply for an internship or a job. It’s essential you take the time to review all your social media accounts before doing so. Potential employers are increasingly looking at your Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, to find out more about you. Go through all your albums and tagged pictures and delete ones that aren’t a great reflection of who you are. Unfriend people who you don’t talk to anymore, and while you’re at it, Google yourself and see what pops up!  

5. Take a look at your calendar

With the final few weeks of the semester drawing near, spend some time getting your weekly/monthly calendar and to-do lists in order. It’s easy to lose track of everything that you have to do, but if you write it all down it’s one of the most effective ways to keep you sane. Write every and any little thing you can think of that needs to be done; that pending assignment on your syllabus, a neglected visit to the dentist, or a fun date to plan with a friend. Then figure out exactly when you’ll have the time to do it.