5 Ways to (Pumpkin) Spice up Your Halloween Experience

You’ve probably felt it getting a little colder recently so while you whip out the Uggs and parkas, some major Halloween decorating must be done in order to fully appreciate the season of pumpkin spice. As a well-known holiday, pumpkin spice season lasts for TWO months! Full of PSLs and all things pumpkin, the months of October and November are revered by us fall fanatics. You may notice your apartment, house or dorm room looking a little Plain Jane right now and you want to (pumpkin) spice it up. Well, leave it to the professional. Of course, I am no Better Homes and Gardens, they are for decorating actual adults’ houses, but here are some cute tips for making the inside of Gilchrist a little less drab and a little more fab:

1. Stock up on Candles

It doesn’t get much better than a bubble bath at the end of the day accompanied by a couple of fall candles. Although Bath and Body Works may be a little extra with the names of their candles like “sweater weather” and “vanilla pumpkin marshmallow,” they do smell delicious and are the perfect way to celebrate this pumpkin season. Light a couple of these candles while doing homework and enjoy!

2. Carve a Pumpkin

Probably one of the best parts we all remember about Halloween is going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. I know I have such fond memories of gutting out that pumpkin and making it as scary as possible. An extra plus is baking the pumpkin seeds at the end! So go to a pumpkin patch and channel your inner 5-year-old; I know you want to.

3. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

There is no such thing as being too festive for Halloween, we all know that you are dying to put up that cheesy plastic skeleton your mom sent you in a care package. So don’t be shy with the decorations, put up cute pumpkin stickers, fill some mason jars with candy corn (your friends will love you) or string some fake spider webs on your TV!

4. Whip up Some Halloween Treats

Since your mom isn’t here to make those cheesy Halloween treats that you had as a kid, why not do it yourself? If you’re feeling extra ambitious in the kitchen, might as well make some spooky snacks. Here are some cute graveyard brownies that won’t take more than 20 minutes to make.

Courtesy: Tastes Better From Scratch

5. Start Planning Your Costume

Once your apartment is rocking the Halloween aesthetic, it’s time for you to prepare for the spooky night. Nothing gets me more hype for Halloween than making my costume. As a firm believer in DIY costumes, I think that the most important part of the holiday is to have the best costume at the party. This takes strategic planning and effort but like I always say “failing to prepare is like preparing to fail.” This is serious business, people. Get creative with it and look on Pinterest for some unique styles!

With all of these tips, you collegiettes are ready for the season! Have fun!