5 Ways to Keep Your Game Day Makeup On Point

Football season is back, which means that game day has now become a part of every collegiette’s weekly schedule. With every home football game comes hours of tailgating prior to kickoff. Your makeup may not be able to hold up against the Tallahassee sun and sometimes a Snapchat filter isn’t enough to cover that up. These tips are here to help you make your makeup last for hours so you can look great while you’re screaming the war chant with 82,000 of your closest friends in Doak Campbell Stadium.

1. DON’T Skip The Primer

This easily overlooked step is critical when it comes to making your makeup last all day long. A primer acts like super glue. You’ll want to choose one that’s mattifying, like this one from Milani, because you are going to sweat… A LOT. A matte base will help soak up some of those extra oils. 

Courtesy: Mase TV

2. Choose A Light Foundation

On game days, less is more when it comes to your foundation. Florida’s heat will not spare your face! If you choose a thick, heavy foundation you WILL have cake face by the end of the day. Instead, go for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. This one from Maybelline is super affordable! If you can’t seem to let go of that full coverage look (I’m with you girl!), then try applying your foundation with a beauty sponge like the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques. It will soak up the extra product so you get all of the coverage and none of the heavy weight. 

3. Use A Shadow Over Your Eyeliner

Is it excessive? Yes. Does it work? YES! Setting your liquid or gel eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow will keep it in place for hours. You did not spend thirty minutes trying to create the perfect wing for it to be smudged around your face by the time the game starts. Simply use a thin eyeshadow brush and pat the eyeshadow over the line you’ve drawn and you’re good to go! #NoPandaEyesHere

4. Two Words: Brow. Gel.

What’s the real key to keeping your eyebrows on fleek? Brow gel! In the same way that mascara works for your eyelashes, brow gel thickens and darkens your eyebrows so they look great and stand out. If you’re worried about your eyebrows looking too “drawn on,” a brow gel helps to highlight each individual hair creating a more natural look while holding all the hairs in place. Essence makes one of the best brow gels in the game. 

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan UK

5. Use a Setting Spray

Think of setting spray as hairspray for your face! It’s going to keep everything in place while you’re tailgating from tent to tent. Be sure to pick something that will keep your face matte. Wet ’n Wild’s Photo Focus Setting Spray works well and is under five dollars!

Incorporating these tips into your game day makeup routine can help you make smudged liner and cake face a thing of the past. You won’t even need a Snapchat filter to look #flawless.