5 Ways to Get Boo'd up This Spooky Season

1. Invite your crush to make some Halloween sweet treats!

You see, there are exactly three steps to go about this, so pay close attention. First, you could invite your crush over, make a quick Publix run for some candy corn and cookie mix, and head back home to start baking a multitude of spooky treats. This could be so fun! It might be awkward at first, but what first few dates aren’t? This is the perfect chance for you both to bond and build that connection! If this doesn’t work out, you could always bake them yourself! No one ever said baking by yourself wasn’t just as fun. Just turn on your favorite spooky movie, I recommend Halloweentown, and get to baking! You could always make your move by dropping off some sweet treats at your crush’s door. Chances are they will invite you in and you can eat them together! Now, if all else fails, there’s no shame in anonymously dropping off a Zip-Loc full of cookies at your crush’s door secret-admirer-style. If it’s meant to be, things will work out. I promise!

Courtesy: sheri silver on Unsplash

2. Take a trip to your local pumpkin patch.

There’s nothing that screams fall more than going to your local pumpkin patch. Stopping by Starbucks on the way to grab that venti PSL is a must. It will be the perfect photo-op! You guys can even pick out a pumpkin to carve and plan a second date out of it. How could your crush say no?

Courtesy: Jake Lorefice on Unsplash

3. Go to a fun Halloween party together!

If hanging out with your crush alone kinda spooks you out, try going to a Halloween party together! This will allow you both to spend some time together, while still mingling with other people to break that awkward silence. Try coordinating costumes! That always makes things super fun. You could even get creative and DIY some costumes together. Time to get festive!

Courtesy: Aw Creative on Unsplash

4. Go on a date to a haunted house (the most effective method in my opinion).

There’s nothing that will help you and your crush bond more than heading into a house full of screaming and scary people. This is the perfect opportunity to get that much closer to your crush! You’re going to want to hold onto each other as you walk through for ample comfort and reassurance that you’re in this together. Every time something pops out and scares you, just grab onto them to show them that they make you feel safe. Once it’s all over, I promise you’ll be 10x more comfortable with each other! Whoever thought that being scared half to death would help you fall for someone?

Courtesy: NeONBRAND on Unsplash

5. Watch spooky Halloween movies together.

Text your crush right now. Invite them over. Throw some kettle corn in the microwave. Set out your favorite Halloween candy. Grab as many pillows and blankets as you can find. Turn on Halloweentown. You’re welcome.

Courtesy: WeHeartIt

Now that you know just how to get boo’d up this spooky season, have a safe and fun Halloween!

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