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5 Underrated Tally Eats You Have To Try Before You Graduate

As the student body slowly trickles back into campus, Tallahassee begins to come alive after a drought through spring and summer. With this, comes students with an appetite for independence and a bit of normalcy. Now while these conditions certainly aren’t normal, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this new reality, one of those being the local food scene! Not only are you supporting a local business during this time, you can also indulge in some foody activity.

I’m an entering senior here at FSU and when I tell you these are the spots, I mean it. It’s taken trial and error over the last two years, but I’ve finally cultivated the perfect list of underrated spots here in Tally. Support local and enjoy these five heavenly spots before you graduate:

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1. Venebites

Located just off of North Monroe Street, Venebites is a bit of Venezuela right here in the heart of the capital. With a completely authentic menu, any lover of arepas can find peace here! The staff is so welcoming and kind making the experience all the more joyful. Truly, words cannot express how incredible the arepa selection and quality is here. Everything is made to order and you can expect everything to be extra fresh. I highly suggest you order the strawberry juice with anything you choose on the menu. It is truly the source of my serotonin these days. You can find more information including hours, location, etc. here.

2. Tally Nutrition 

Close to neighboring Venebites is Tally Nutrition, your one-stop shop for health shakes and teas. I go here almost every day of the week and I keep coming back! Not to mention, as someone who is gluten-free, there’s plenty of options available to you. There’s a super wide-variety of shake options that always satisfy my sweet tooth. The loaded teas have a ton of helpful vitamins and are packed with caffeine to replace the coffee you’d usually get at Starbucks. My go-to for the morning is a “Captain America” loaded tea, it tastes just like a bomb-pop (hello nostalgia). Tally Nutrition is women-run and I suggest the HC girl gang check her spot out ASAP! More information regarding hours, location and menu can be found here.

3. Jeri’s Midtown Cafe

Tucked away underneath Midtown Books, Jeri’s Midtown Cafe is the spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or really any time of day! Named after owner Jeri herself, this women-owned business is loaded with amazing menu items. I personally have a hard time finding a good salad, but they even make kale taste good! If that isn’t a testament to the quality of their food, I don’t know what is. My favorite menu item is the “Jill Bird” sandwich! Pay them a visit and for more information visit their Instagram here.

4. Pho Me

I’ve been waiting so long to write about Pho Me and I probably could write an entire article about this place. This right here is my vice. I’ve had my fair share of pho before and nothing comes close to the chicken pho here. Don’t worry though, there are customizable pho bowls that can be made completely vegan or full of meats! This is a family-owned business and you’d be doing yourself a favor by giving this place a try. Besides the art that is their pho recipe, I suggest the summer rolls. All I’m saying is the peanut sauce may change things for you, truly for the better. For more details of hours, location and menu items, check out their website here.

5. Metro Deli

All the other delis, sit down! Metro Deli is unmatched. Neighboring the capital building, this is one of the walkable spots students can enjoy. Their menu suits a classic deli, but their food is anything but average. Their hot pastrami sandwich has broken all conventions of a normal deli sandwich and is the perfect meal for an in-between Zoom class moment. Be sure to give them a visit and check out their website here for more details.

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Isabella graduated in April 2021 from Florida State University, majoring in English (Editing, Writing, and Media). She is pursuing a career in digital advertising and public relations in the entertainment industry. When off duty, she can be found hanging with her two kitties, crafting her 1000th Spotify playlist, or sporting the town in search of the next great foodie spot. Check out her latest articles below!
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