5 Trending Items You Need in Your Closet This Spring

Happy Spring Semester, collegiettes! The New Year brings new resolutions, new experiences and, of course, a new wardrobe. Throughout this article I will show some major clothing items you need to have in your closet this semester and how to wear them.

1. A cute pair of sneaks

Every girl should have a pair of go-to, every day sneaks in their closet. Whether you’re into Chuck Taylor Converse, Adidas Superstars or Vans Sk8s, here’s how to wear your favorite pair of sneaks. You can wear them with workout clothes, t-shirt and jeans or a casual dress.

2.  A Sheer top or Camo tee

Over the years, it’s really no surprise to have what seems like over one hundred shirts in your wardrobe that range from all colors and styles. If you have a classic style, a crisp denim shirt could go great with your wardrobe. If you often feel risqué, a sheer shirt is the fashion item you need. Or if you’re feeling sporty this camo tee will look great on you.


3. Leather, Jean, or Bomber jacket


Ah, for my favorite type of clothes: jackets! The perfect jacket is just ‘the cherry on top’ of any outfit you wear. Since I live in The Sunshine State I treasure the few short weeks I can finally wear my favorite jackets without dying of a heat stroke. Whether you’ve got a thing for leather jackets, a crisp jean jacket or a funky bomber jacket, here are a few ways to wear them.


4. Your go-to Skirt


Something that every girl needs is a skirt-the perfect skirt. Now for you, the perfect skirt might be classic denim, a funky plaid or something fancy for the happiest of hours. Here’s how you can wear each type of skirt.


5. The Perfect accessories: Fishnets/ Flashy Earrings

Now last but not least: accessories. Everyone loves to wear a great choker. So here are some alternative accessories you need in your closet this semester to spice sh*t up. You can wear fishnets under ripped denim, under a dress or with a graphic tee.


Flashy earrings are perfect for a bad hair day. My best advice for those days? All-black always, own that up do and flash those ears.

And finally, here are some ways you can Mix & Match different styles to create something new.

Style One: I topped a plaid skirt with a casual graphic tee. This outfit is comfortable and charming- the perfect ‘School of Rock’ look. I added black latex booties making this conveniently also a nighttime look. It’s transitional enough for a day in the city into a great for a dinner with your girls.

Style Two: I paired this rugged camo t-shirt with a classic denim skirt for a hard-core bad-bit** look. Since both the t-shirt and skirt are loose items, I wrapped a black statement belt around to accentuate the waist. The thigh-high boots tied in with the belt make this a perfect outfit for a concert or a night out and about with friends.

I hope you all enjoyed the looks I put together. I know you all will slay in your new wardrobe this semester!