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5 Throwback Movies that will Hit the Spot During Quarantine

It’s day 20 something or 30 something days of quarantine (I can’t even keep track anymore), and it’s another day of trying to figure out what to do. We can only binge so many TV shows and snacks! Many of us have probably watched new movies on Netflix or binged all of the Marvel, Star Wars or Harry Potter series once or twice over, but now we’re running slim on new content to watch. Well, might I suggest some old content that will bring back some great memories and have you wishing you were in your 20’s 20 years ago?

1. Space Jam

Ah yes, the classic born in the ’90s that made us all want to play basketball and save the Looney Tunes. Michael Jordan’s fun and outgoing experience made kids love him even more, and we watched with excitement as two childhood heroes saved the day. This kids movie will take you way back and make you want to sit on your couch eating a bowl of cereal and be a kid again.

2. Can’t Buy Me Love

This 80’s romance movie reminds us of the days when Patrick Dempsey was young and not yet our favorite brain surgeon. Back then, he was our favorite lawn boy turned popular after falling in love with the most popular girl in school. This feel-good movie brings a lot of fun and a lesson to be learned about what love truly means.

3. Hook           

You’ve heard of Robin Williams as the Genie, you’ve heard about him as Mrs. Doubtfire, but have you heard about him as Peter Pan? In this adventurous and whimsical adaptation of the old Disney classic, Peter Pan is all grown up, married to Wendy’s granddaughter and has two kids. His magic is all gone and has developed a love for work rather than play. Bring the nostalgia back when you see Robin Williams takes you on an adventure back to Neverland and revisit some old friends and old enemies.

4. Hitch

Taking it back to an era of comedy gold and a time we all remember. 2005 took us to a beautiful movie where Will Smith and Kevin James teamed up to give us the hilarious movie Hitch. The iconic dance scene is still a favorite comedy scene to this day and makes us forget all our troubles.  You thought you were awkward, well you haven’t met Albert Brennaman.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

Personally, this is my favorite throwback of all time, so of course, I had to mention it! Meet my hero, Kat Stratford. She doesn’t give a rip about what people think of her, and dating is the last thing on her mind until she gets to know bad boy Patrick Verona who sneaks up on her and eventually falls in love. Meanwhile, Kat’s good girl sister Bianca is popular and sweet who is failing French and meets Cameron. Cameron is the new kid, shy and sweet and falls in love with Bianca at first sight. Determined to have her, he goes to enormous lengths involving the popular boy in school and Bianca’s ex Joey.  Find out how these five stories intertwine to create an iconic 90’s romance movie.​

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