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5 Things We Learned from Watching ‘The Women Tell All’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

“The Women Tell All” is one of the most ruthless and dramatic nights of every season of The Bachelor and we are absolutely here for it every single season! This season’s tell-all was a little more exciting, seeing as we have no idea what the heck is going to happen on next week’s finale after Cassie sent herself home. As is typical with the genius producers of this show, the women were faced with play-by-play footage of them dragging each other through the mud out of jealousy. Despite the expected tension, these ladies have all gone through an experience like no other together and that always makes for a telling night. Here are five things we learned by watching all the ladies hashing it out amongst each other, and putting Colton in the hot seat!

1. It’s okay to forgive and forget (even after dating the same man).

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It was feud after feud, confrontation after confrontation all season long. Although we watched rivalries like Hannah B. and Caelynn get extinguished, it was easy to assume that there was still some underlying tension that they just didn’t want to bring to TVs across the nation. We also saw feuds between Demi and Courtney, and Onyeka and several other ladies. At the end of the night, even if some ladies were feuding on stage, they could all still put their differences aside when it mattered. When Demi was surprisingly open about everything related to her mother, the other ladies were clearly moved, including Courtney, who earlier in the night shoved a whole pacifier in her mouth. The same can be said for Caelynn, who a lot of the house seemed to believe was “fake” and only in it for the possibility of being named the Bachelorette. When she was unable to contain her feelings about being sent home so deeply in love, the other girls shared her disappointment. They all sat in their seats shedding a silent tear for their fellow heartbroken sister, as they had all been in the same position at some point this season. When it came to the more personal moment she had in the season sharing her sexual assault story, Caelynn made a point of thanking the ladies that reached out to her after that episode aired. It became obvious throughout the tell-all that these women understand that some things are just bigger than ourselves, and we should always know when it’s time to leave things in the past.

2. Second chances exist—make them count!

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All season, we watched women bouncing back from nights they thought they were for sure going home. They not only understood that they had limited chances to get their time in or make an impression, and if they got more than one opportunity to do so they had to take advantage. Hannah B. redeemed her wordless speech with constantly communicating to Colton how she was feeling. We also saw women that didn’t use the time they had wisely: Courtney spent more time confronting Demi than she did talking to Colton, and countless ladies spent their time complaining about other women to Colton on more than one occasion. Sitting among all the other ladies that were sent home, it was easy to see that some ladies no longer had the energy to go at it with the other women. Hannah B. was given a redemption shot at her toast during the tell-all and she NAILED IT. Courtney was also given the chance to talk to Colton, given that she complained while still in the house that she never got the chance to talk to him, and she blew it. Lesson learned here ladies: if you get a second chance, take it by the horns!

3. You should NEVER apologize for expressing who you are and how you feel.

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Demi was called immature on more than one occasion for being unapologetically herself because others considered it too forward and rude. She made it known during her confessionals, and she reiterated it last night: she is never going to tone down her personality to please anybody. Right after Demi’s interview, Hannah B. took the hot seat to re-watch herself fall in love with Colton. She talked about how hard it was to be as open, as she was given the pressure to be perfect her whole life. If the experience of being on The Bachelor taught her anything, it was that she only wants a relationship in which she’s fiercely loved and that she doesn’t regret being vulnerable with Colton because it showed her how much she was worth. All of the ladies left a little piece of themselves with Colton, but they each gained different understandings of themselves they didn’t expect to. They didn’t hold back in the pursuit for love and none of us should ever hold our feelings or personalities back in anything we set out to do.

4. Chris Harrison is Oprah’s male equivalent.

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All of Bachelor Nation knows that The Bachelor just wouldn’t be the same without Chris Harrison. He is the Ellen DeGeneres of reality TV; the male version of Oprah. He consoles contestants when they’re overwhelmed or blindsided, and he sticks his neck out for all of his Bachelor and Bachelorettes since season 1! Not to mention, he’s absolutely hilarious when the show calls for a little humor!! During the tell-all, he poked fun at all the ladies being unable to let one another other speak, playfully laughed at some of the more lighthearted moments of the season and gave the whole audience ice cream. Yes, ICE CREAM! If he hadn’t been there to facilitate the night and lift the ladies up, there’s no telling what kind of chaos would have ensued. There’s only one thing Bachelor Nation loves more than drama and jumping fences and that’s Chris Harrison!

5. Paradise is Looking SPICY!

While we only got one subtle confirmation for the Bachelor in Paradise cast, it was the one girl all of Bachelor Nation has been screaming will be amazing in Paradise: DEMI!! People have likened her to problematic fave Krystal, and even constantly draw comparisons to none other than Jordan Kimball! Although we would all probably watch a season of Paradise with just Demi on it (literally nobody else but Demi, please give this woman her own show on ABC), we have a feeling we’ll be seeing some other ladies in Paradise as well. Bachelor Nation is speculating that at the very least Sydney and Nicole might wash up on the shores of some bachelor and bachelorette filled beach, and we can’t deny that it would make for an interesting summer for all of us at home. We’ll be waiting for an official cast list to drop in the next few months!  

As always, the ladies of The Bachelor have taught us that there can never be too much drama and that you really can learn a thing or two about yourself while you’re constantly crying and having break downs on national television. We wish we could all learn lessons as gracefully as they all have, but we’ll settle for just impatiently waiting for the season finale next Monday and Tuesday on ABC!

Kassandra Curiel is currently a Senior majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Political Science at Florida State.When she's not writing for Her Campus FSU you can cach her watching really bad reality TV, crying because she misses her dog, or re-watching La La Land for the 80th time (this year). 
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