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5 Spring Break Essentials You Need to Pack in Your Suitcase

Spring Break is upon us. Many of you are probably venturing off to tropical locations, intent on soaking up the sun, probably excited to start sipping as many coconut flavored cocktails as you can manage. Can you see it? The cruise ship winding away from the dock, waving goodbye to all your responsibilities for a week. You’re only focused on having a good time with your friends. School stress, work stress, life stress, all chained back to the dock, the wind whisking them away as you gaze out at the setting sun. You’re settling into your cabin later, getting changed for dinner and you don’t know what to wear. Don’t worry, you think to yourself, I read this great article on Her Campus and they totally got me covered.

Whimsical cruise magic aside, here are the top five things you’ll be glad you packed for a fun, funky, fresh spring break.

1. Sarong. Have you ever heard of a sarong? Probably not, but now that you have, it’s something that you’ll be glad you threw in your beach bag. A staple item that once you own, you’ll never look back. It’s a cozy, spunky and looks great over a bathing suit after a day at the beach. A pictures for illustration purposes. Kind of like a towel but gauzier.

2. Bathing suits are a must for spring break festivities. Tan lines be darned, now’s the time to rock a crochet swimsuit!

3. Cozy tropical style dresses are perfect for a stroll on the beach at dusk. Even if you’re not, you know, actually strolling a beach at dusk, these dresses are trendy and easy to throw on— something that’s simple, breezy and classic enough— I mean, Lauren Conrad herself probably owns a maxi dress. That’s a sure-fire endorsement right there.

4. Quirky jeans: a way to dress warm at a party but still look casual and beach ready. Nowadays, jeans come in so many variations, it’s impossible to avoid giving in to one trend or the other. Boot cut, distressed and even bedazzled jeans are becoming such a statement to any outfit that it’s more fun than ever to throw caution to the wind.

5. Accessories, because, why not. An outfit isn’t complete without some awesome rings or a simple gold necklace. Because style comes in every form— be it statement earrings or a sparkly choker, it’s fun to outshine your peers, especially when your jewelry does most of the talking for you.

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a Creative Writing major with an affinity for take-your-breath-away-sentences. I also like solid 80s rock jams and blogging about my feelings. I'm constantly hopeful I can one day escape to the moon. For now, I'm enjoying attending a wonderfully diverse school and take pride in my beautiful group of friends.
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