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5 Signs You’re the Mom Friend of Your Group

All friend groups have a staple mom friend that helps to keep the peace in everyone’s life. You know the one; the one who babies and looks out for you so much it makes being at college and away from your actual mom a little bit easier. If you don’t think your group has one, that’s probably because you are the mom friend! You just can’t help it; your friends mean a lot to you and that might make you a little over-protective. Here are 5 signs you’re absolutely the mom friend of your friend group.

Your friends always come to you first for ~adult~ advice.

Where should they take the girl they’re seeing for a romantic night? Are these holiday decorations too tacky? Should they get this or that credit card? Which internships would be more beneficial? If you’re the one-stop-shop for all your friends when they need some guidance on absolutely anything, you’re probably the mom friend. Of course, we all have group chats for all the opinions on what we should wear or whether or not we should really skip class today, but they come to you separately for certain topics because they know you’ll have the best advice.

You always make sure everyone’s eating.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual hang, a pre-game, game day or literally anything else; you will definitely be bringing snacks and making sure that everyone has eaten. So much so that your friends kind of expect it by now when your group does literally anything. You know what your friends’ go-to snacks are and you always make sure you have them on hand for every event because what kind of friend would you be if you didn’t? Now, I don’t mean the grandma-level of force-feeding everyone whether or not they’re hungry, but let’s face it, college is hard and sometimes people forget or don’t have time to eat!

You’re usually the voice of reason.

Maybe going into that random house party full of strangers when the one you’re all heading to gets shut down isn’t a good idea. And no, maybe they shouldn’t smoke a little of whatever the dude in the Bajas bathroom line is offering, but your friends might think it’s all in good fun. That’s where you come in! You’re usually the more clear-minded one that makes sure your friends are making good choices and doesn’t mind stepping in when you think that they aren’t. It sure feels like being a mother, but your friends appreciate you looking out for them just as much as you feel better knowing you steered them in a good, and probably safer, direction!

You’re the first to step up and take care of everyone – drunk, sick, or both.

Holding the hair back? Fever for the third day in a row? Shoulder to cry on at 12:30 AM on a Tuesday? You’ve done and been all of the above for your friends! Friends know that they can depend on you to take care of them or be a source of comfort, and you would rather they did come to you then tough it out alone.

You defend and support your friends as if you birthed them yourself.

No one can tell your friends they’re wrong or get away with talking sh*t about them, because they’re your literal babies. They can do no wrong in your eyes, and even if they do, no one will ever catch you admitting it. You know that you can pull them aside in private and let them know that something was less than agreeable, but in public and around others you will shut anyone down who thinks it’s okay to get rude or snippy.

Just like an actual mom who can tell you anything they want but let another family member, friend, or stranger say anything to you and the mom claws come out! Similarly, no one goes harder for them than you do. You might as well have a foam finger with your friends’ faces on it. No goal or dream is too big for your friends and you’ll be the first one to support them and push them to accomplish all that you know they can. 

Everyone has a mom friend, and no one likes to admit that they are the mom friend. But take it from one herself, there’s nothing wrong with caring for your friends from a different and more adult perspective. In fact, I take pride in knowing that my friends think of me as the responsible one that they can turn to in any situation that they need someone to be there for them.   Appreciate your mom friends and embrace it if you are one! 

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Kassandra Curiel is currently a Senior majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Political Science at Florida State.When she's not writing for Her Campus FSU you can cach her watching really bad reality TV, crying because she misses her dog, or re-watching La La Land for the 80th time (this year). 
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