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5 Shows You Can Watch Instead of Studying for Finals

Winter break is right around the corner and we are all anxiously awaiting its arrival. Before our mini vacation, though, we must overcome the torture that is finals week. We are going to spend countless hours cramming in Strozier and crying over our overpriced textbooks and that’s okay! You may be having a slight mental breakdown at this point, but don’t fret, we’re all in the same boat! Ready to give yourself a break that you’ve convinced yourself you deserve after only an hour’s worth of studying? Great! Giving up on being productive because you’re questioning if this degree’s even worth it? #Relatable! I’ve got good news for you, procrastinators! To enable your bad academic behavior, I’ve made a list of TV shows you can waste your time with when you really should be studying for your exams! Let the heavy burden that comes with the anxiety of knowing you’re not doing work when you should be rest heavy as you binge watch! Enjoy!

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Courtesy: Fox

Finals are a killer and sometimes you really just need to take a load off after a long day of studying (or not). Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an easy watch that will have you laughing and feeling less stressed in no time! All the characters are great and it’s my favorite show to watch when I need to unwind. Few shows can actually make me laugh out loud, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine has good writers and amazing actors that can honestly make you forget about the rough week you’re having!

2. The Mindy Project

Courtesy: Youtube

The Mindy Project is another strong show on this list! It’s got a bit of drama to it, but it’s mostly good laughs and compelling storylines. The premise of having a woman who’s doing well for herself and having her succeed in her field will give you the inspo you need to survive the very end of this semester. Maybe Dr. Mindy Lahiri will inspire you so much so that you’ll get back to studying! Or she’ll have you so interested in the plot that you’ll end up finishing an entire season! (No judgment here!)

3. This Is Us

Courtesy: Fandom

Ready to cry about someone else’s life instead of yours for a minute? Perfect! I’ve got just the show for you! This is Us will rip your heart out and make you ugly-cry and that’s why it’s on this list. Finals week can get to you in the absolute worst of ways and sometimes it’s cathartic to just let it all out, even if it is over a TV show.

4. Fixer Upper

Courtesy: Renew Cancel TV

Chip and Joanna Gaines have the cutest family and they’re super sweet with each other. All the homes they remodel are incredible and it’s so fun to see them go through the whole process, from demo day to decorating. The prices of these homes can be steep sometimes and people who buy them need to have the means to do so. Hopefully, that’ll kick your butt into gear and encourage you to power through and get stuff done! Maybe then you can own your own Fixer Upper home in Waco, Texas!

5. Chopped

Courtesy: Serious Eats

Chopped is the best cooking show on the Food Network to watch when you’re procrastinating. There are regular marathons that can go on for hours and you can lose yourself in the entertaining competition while learning new cooking techniques.

I hope these shows can fill up your free time and that y’all end the semester strong! Happy procrastinating!

Nicole Knight is a Junior at Florida State University. She's majoring in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in Communications. 
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