5 NYX Cosmetic Products You Should Be Obsessed With

There are a lot of high-end makeup products to live by, but if you're like me, a money-cautious college student who is hesitant to splurge in Ulta on a full-on makeup binge shopping spree, the NYX drug-store cosmetic brand has products that are perfect for you. Not only are NYX cosmetics always in an affordable price range, but its products allow you to achieve a high-end makeup look without the high cost. NYX offers several dupes that replicate a similar formula to more expensive products. This brand is also a popular go-to for makeup tutorials by well-known makeup gurus on YouTube such as Shani Grimmond—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love obsessing over affordable makeup looks for inspiration?

1. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

Concealer is a must-have, and if you’re constantly running out of this staple in your makeup collection, I strongly recommend this product. This concealer is perfect for all times of the day and was formulated for photos, which means it will not create an oily flashback look. This formula blends beautifully, creating a long-wear coverage and leaving a natural finish. It is also an affordable swap for the Mac Pro long-wear concealer. 

Courtesy: Camera Ready Cosmetics

2. NYX Face & Body Glitter Brilliants

Ladies and gents, as both Miami Music Week and Okeechobee Music Festival approach, it’s time to start visualizing our festival looks. NYX Face & Body Glitter can be used as an accessory to any outfit, used in your hair or as makeup for the perfect glamorous festival look. In 12 light-catching colors, this face and body glitter is a necessity for any music festival.

Here on Pinterest, you can check out some festival inspo!

Courtesy: Pinterest

3. NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Brows speak louder than words. With the NYX micro brow pencil, you can build beautiful, bold brows. With eight shades precise in color, you're sure to find your match. If you love the Anastasia Brow Wiz, you will love this product. This dupe is guaranteed to give you the same results and it is half the cost, priced at $10 in comparison to $21.

Courtesy: BuzzFeed

4. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

With a wide range of shades to choose from, this foundation allows you to control your coverage. If you’re looking for a sheer daytime look, you can manage how much foundation you want to apply with a glass dropper, or for a fuller coverage look, you can drop more of the foundation on to blend away for a beautiful soft matte finish. NYX also has a synthetic brush made for this foundation which was perfected to fit around all angles of the face to guarantee a smooth application.

Courtesy: InStyle

5. NYX Lip Lingerie

This luxurious, plush matte finish lipstick comes in 24 shades of color-kissed hues. These gorgeous colors are very complimentary to all skin tones and maintain their pigment throughout the day. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this product a dupe for the Kylie lip kit, but I can say they’re very similar in their matte finishes. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a quality matte lipstick, this is perfect for you! These flirty fun colors are perfect for any occasion.

Courtesy: Instagram