5 Must-See Black Christmas Movies

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us have already begun making our way through Christmas films. The usual films like Elf, The Santa Claus and How the Grinch Stole Christmas always have to make an appearance in the rotation, but here are a few that you should watch as well. These are five of the best Christmas movies centered around black families that would be a great addition to your rotation as you count down the days until Christmas.

1. This Christmas

Courtesy: Sky

This movie is the epitome of a black family with a strong mother figure bringing the family together for the holidays. With a huge cast of talented actors and actresses ranging from Idris Elba to Regina King and even Chris Brown, it’s no wonder why this film is a must on this list. All of the characters deal with their own personal struggles and unite as a family to work through them. The soundtrack alone is a good enough reason to watch it as Chris Brown’s soulful vocals make an appearance.

2. The Perfect Holiday

Courtesy: The Austin Chronicle

Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut star in this hilarious Christmas movie alongside Queen Latifah and the late Charlie Murphy. The humor shines through the plot of a young girl trying to find a man for her single mother by asking the mall’s Santa Clause for this one hopeful wish.

3. Last Holiday

Courtesy: Made in Atlantis 

Queen Latifah shines in this movie as her character begins the story as a cautious woman, but all of that changes after an accident that leads her into the hospital. There, her character is told that she has a terminal illness and not long to live so she takes all of her money out of savings and goes on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way she discovers herself and the life she was always meant to live.

4. The Preacher’s Wife

Courtesy: Cinema Fanatic

In a remake of The Bishop’s Wife with an addition of gospel music, Denzel Washington stars alongside the late Whitney Houston in this holiday classic. Washington plays an angel that is sent down to help a preacher after he prays for help when he finds himself struggling to make a difference in the lives of others. The soundtrack to this film is one of the biggest reasons to watch it as it holds the title of the best-selling gospel album of all time.

5. A Madea Christmas

Courtesy: Variety

This movie has all the laughs that are expected out of a Madea movie with a dash of holiday spirit! The story follows Madea as she accompanies her friend on a surprise trip to visit her daughter that refuses to come home for Christmas. As you can imagine, there are many comical dilemmas that arise from this!

All of these movies are a great addition to any Christmas movie marathon, but that isn’t all they are good for. Because there are so few movies that feature an all-black cast, especially in movies centered around the holidays, it's important to see this representation in these five movies. These movies are here for that reason, along with being successful at creating a good laugh and a joyful song.