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5 Music Artists You Should Get Into Right Now

Since we’re all on a coronacation, there’s not much else to do besides watch Tik Toks, do online classes and listen to music. This is the perfect time to get into new musicians and widen the variety of music you listen to. In my opinion, five artists you should get into are LP, Harry Hudson, The Japanese House, Boy in Space and BANKS. 

LP singing
Joergens Mi


Laura Pergolizzi, better known as LP, has been in the music industry for over 10 years. She started off with songwriting and even proceeded to write songs for mainstream artists like Christina Aguilera and Rihanna. When she began to sign record deals in the late 2000s and early 2010s she was an instant hit overseas. A lot of her inspiration came from past relationships. Her song “Lost on you” was written a year before the breakup took place. That song topped the charts in Europe and even was the fourth most shazamed song in the world at one point. Her unique voice transports you into the emotion of her songs and personally, I could listen to her over and over and never get sick of her voice an songs. 

Harry Hudson 

Harry is one of my favorite artists of all time. I might be biased because I met him at the Blackbear concert last summer in St. Petersberg but he’s one of the kindest and talented people I’ve ever met. His upbeat, don’t-take-a-day-for-granted attitude stems from being a cancer survivor. Ever since he’s been making music and collaborating with Jaden Smith and going on tour with artists like Post Malone and Blackbear. His folk-like voice gives his music a distinct sound, unlike any other artist. Seeing him in concert was an out-of-body experience, knowing all of his songs and actually getting to hug and talk to him was INSANE. 

the Japanese house performing
Frank Yang

The Japanese House 

The Japanese House is the epitome of a one-man-band. Amber Bain, the musical genius behind this act, is based in the United Kingdom. Her music is mellow, chill and upbeat at the same time. During this state of being in a worldwide pandemic, she has been blessing the world’s ears by doing live concerts from home and raising money for COVID-19 causes. Take a break from watching Netflix and listen to The Japanese House to calm down during this time of panic. 

Boy in Space 

We’re all in the phase of being obsessed Tik Tok boys and Robin Lundbäck has the look down. Better known as Boy in Space, this Swedish singer definitely has some bops to get you out of your quarantine funk like, “Cold.” He is definitely one of the artists that does it for the fans. When he released his single “Caroline” he direct messaged every girl on Instagram named Caroline. His unique, high-pitch voice has captured the attention of other artists like Alec Benjamin and Jeremy Zucker to include him on their tours. During this time at home, Boy in Space has also been working on and releasing new music like “U N Eye.” 

BANKS performing
Bill Ebbesen


Finally, one of the most musically talented women I’ve been listening to for four years is BANKS. Similar to The Japanese House’s vibe, her music is mellow but also upbeat. Her voice is distinct and she knows how to make the most of her unique sound. During her time at home during the quarantine, she has been making stripped versions/ alternate versions of her released songs including: “Drowning,” “Contaminated,” “Stroke” and “If We Were Made of Water” she had previously recorded. 

Take this time at home to give these artists a listen, and who knows you might fall in love with their work. 

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