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5 Lush Products Everyone Should Have

Lush is the internet famous cosmetic retailer known for their fun, all natural, and cruelty-free hair, bath, and body products. Since the launch of their company, they have developed a cult following of “Lushies.” As someone who has bought a lot from Lush in her day, I definitely have found some holy grail items among their hundreds of colorful and creative products. Today, I am going to list five of my Lush must-haves, so you too can get into the Lush experience.

1. Cup O’ Coffee

Courtesy: Klairedelys.com

Cup O’ Coffee is a face and body mask made with fresh coffee grounds and cocoa extract that is made to tighten and invigorate the skin while cleaning your pores. The coffee grounds also act an exfoliant, made to buff away impurities, all while giving you that caffeine kick. This fifteen-minute mask is simple and easy, and for those worried about the coffee grounds, don’t worry, Lush makes sure that it won’t clog your drain. Cup O’ Coffee is easy to incorporate into your morning routine, just like a nice cup of joe!

2. Sleepy

Courtesy: PureWow.com

Sleepy is pretty purple hand and body lotion made with lavender, Tonka perfume, and almond oil to keep your skin nice and moisturized, while also lathering you in a heavenly scent. The product is called Sleepy because lavender oil is known to help people relax and fall asleep. So, I especially recommend putting on this luxurious feeling lotion right before going to bed.

3. Big

Courtesy: MakeupAlley

Big is one of Lush’s best-selling shampoos, and I definitely know why.  It is not your traditional shampoo that comes out of a bottle, but that is because it is made with extra virgin coconut oil and sea salt to give you both moisture and volume. The sea salt helps your hair achieve those gorgeous waves we cherish after a day at the beach, but the coconut oil makes sure it is still soft to the touch. Overall, a game-changing product.

4. Sex Bomb 

Courtesy: LushUSA

Lush is known for their colorful, aromatic bath bombs and Sex Bomb is no exception. Just plop this guy into the tub and you’ll be met with vibrant pink and purple water and the irresistible smell of jasmine and ylang-ylang. Sex Bomb also contains soy milk which will leave your skin feeling nice and soft, and rose petals for that extra romantic and relaxing touch.

5. Ocean Salt

Courtesy: Allure.com

Another one of Lush’s best-selling products, Ocean Salt, is face and body scrub that will transport you straight to the beach. This scrub has it all; coarse sea salt for exfoliation, coconut oil and avocado butter to help soften, and lime and vodka to help brighten and tone. Ocean Salt is the perfect all-in-one product, perfect for the summer, vacation, or just for someone who wants to trade the countless products they use in their daily skincare routine for one amazing scrub.

Gaby is an FSU alumna who majored in Creative Writing and minored in Communications and Psychology. She also enjoys iced coffee, rose-scented candles, and short stories.
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