5 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween is right around the corner, which means I, of course, don’t have a costume yet. If you’re like me and leave your costume choice until the last minute you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry about buying a costume, here are five looks you can create with makeup that you probably already have.

1. Pennywise the Clown

Courtesy: Instagram

Pennywise looks are going to be prevalent this Halloween with the return of Stephen King’s It. This is one of my favorite Pennywise looks done by Jake Ceballos, probably because it starts with a full face glam. From lashes to liner and highlight, go all out for this look, then with some red lipstick add those signature lines up your face. For extra fun, add glitter to your lips and the lines for a glammed-up look!

2. Mermaid

Courtesy: Instagram

Next up is the mermaid look! While this looks kind of complicated, Leigh Ann makes it super easy! Just create an eye look using some super fun colors and then slip a fishnet over your head and use those same colors where you would normally contour to create the crisscross pattern on your face. Add a fun lip and your good to go! For a little pop, you can add chunky glitter and pearls as your highlight!

3. Skull

Courtesy: Instagram

Skull makeup, a favorite look done by many but done so well here by Anna Avalishvili. The key to perfecting this look is blending blending blending. Take your darkest eyeshadow and blend a straight line up from your brow to create an indented look. Then take the same color and contour to the extreme on the corners of your forehead and your jaw to make that signature skull shape. Finally, draw a heart or similar shape in black eyeliner on your nose and lines across your mouth for teeth and you’re done! For some extra pop add some color to the look, anything from dark green to neon pink!

4. Galaxy

Courtesy: Instagram

Galaxy makeup is a trend that evolved from mermaid makeup and let me tell you, I am loving this version from Luna Fortun. Start with bold brows and a thick layer of foundation then blend out blacks, blues, purples and reds or pinks across your nose and cheeks or your forehead to create a galaxy look. The key to this part is blending! You can also carry those colors into your eyelid if you want or leave them a blank canvas. Then take a white eyeliner and draw a constellation over the colors and add some splatter for little stars. Add some dramatic lashes and a glossy pout and you’re done! The glitter of course could elevate this look or you can take a very light highlighter and brush it over the whole blended out galaxy area for an iridescent look!

5. Vampire

Courtesy: Instagram

Last but certainly not least a bloody vampire look created by NikkieTutorials. This look is subtler than some others, but you can definitely up the ante with fangs and fake blood. But for the subtle look, start with a full face of glam and for eyeshadow take either fake blood or red lipstick and use a texturized sponge and stipple the red all over your eye. From there blend out some blacks and reds over it, add some more stippling for more detail and the eyeshadow is done! Pop on a black or red lip and your look is complete, extra credit to whoever adds a bloody choker necklace though!

And that’s it, five simple yet amazing Halloween makeup looks that you can do with products you already have or are super easy to get! For more details on each look check out these amazing MUA's pages on Instagram and YouTube! Have a very spooky Halloween, collegiettes!