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5 Ideas for Your Next Stay-Cation

Spring Break is often filled with glamorous trips to sunny places. Most peoples’ Instagram feeds are filled with pictures of beaches, cruises and other enviable destinations. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an incredible week-long vacation on a beautiful island getting a tan to be adventurous. However, there are plenty of things you can do in your town (and even in your house!) any time of year to create some of your favorite memories. These ideas are also great during the school session as mini-breaks to help you reduce stress.

1. Build a fort 

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If you can’t necessarily leave your house due to lack of transportation, you can create a whole new space that makes it feel like you’re away from home. By creating a fort, you also create the perfect place to read a book you haven’t gotten a chance to read because you’ve been too busy with school work. It’s also the best place to invite your girlfriends to watch a movie, do face masks and finally relax!

2. Wine and dine

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For most of us, dinner typically consists of mac n’ cheese, chicken nuggets, French fries or ramen noodles. Take advantage of some of your free time to make a fancy dinner that you wouldn’t normally have the time to prep and cook. Don’t forget to make extras so you still eat well for the next week! For all my friends 21 or older, you could even try making a fun alcoholic drink for dessert! If you’re not 21, no big deal, there’s almost always a virgin version.

3. Attend a local park or garden

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If you’re staying in Tallahassee, there are a bunch of National Parks and local gardens (like Maclay Gardens, pictured above), that look gorgeous in the springtime because everything is blooming! If you’re not staying in Tallahassee, almost every community has a beautiful green spot where you can go outside and enjoy the weather. As students, we spend too much of our time sitting inside a library, a classroom or an office. This time of year is the ideal time to be outside with nature, hiking, swimming, kayaking or just enjoying it.

4. Explore your DIY talents

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I’m sure most of us have been dying to make something for ourselves that’s interesting and helpful in our daily lives. It’s never a waste of time if you’re making something helpful for yourself during the school year! Google and Pinterest are full of ideas that can improve our livelihoods or just fun things to do that we can keep or gift to those we love. Happy crafting!

5. Volunteer

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There are dozens of opportunities in every community who are waiting for volunteers that want to help change the world. This is probably one of the best ways to spend your time since you’re making a difference in your communities. In addition to improving the conditions in which you live, you can also earn yourself some ServScript hours!

Despite not being able to afford an expensive and exclusive trip, these ideas can ensure a fun and relaxing semester. Her Campus hopes that these stay-cation ideas will help you improve your college experiences.

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