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5 Empowering, Female-Led Organizations on Campus

Whenever I’m looking to join an organization on campus, I always tend to look for female representation and empowerment. In a club or organization I want to make sure that as a woman, I am heard and seen while making an impact on campus. Besides becoming a writer for Her Campus FSU, there are plenty of options for women to find an organization on campus that stands out to them. Luckily, not only does State offer hundreds of organizations to its students, but a lot of these organizations are female-led and focus on sisterhood, empowerment and friendship.


Lady Spirithunters

Lady Spirithunters is an organization that has been on FSU’s campus for 40 years! Made up of women dedicated to community service and Florida State, the Lady Spirithunters work closely with FSU and FSU athletics to spread Seminole spirit and traditions across campus. They paint faces with garnet and gold war stripes at varsity sporting events, compete in intramural sports, take part in Homecoming week, fundraise for their philanthropy, Camp Kesem, and participate in both Dance Marathon and Relay for Life. If you’re a huge Seminole football fan, LSH members go on a weekend trip to an away football game to support FSU and explore another city. LSH also encourages “Bigs and Littles” for new and old members to bond, and they put together socials, date functions, formals and more for their members as a way of promoting friendship and social involvement on campus and beyond.


Women Student Union

Courtesy: WSU

The Women Student Union, or WSU, is a Student Government agency at FSU that “fosters the growth of women personally, professionally and politically”. WSU works with other FSU organizations and departments to advocate for women on campus, confront sexual discrimination and violence, increase female outreach at FSU and promote a safe environment among women at FSU. Within WSU, there are a variety of ways to get involved! You can get involved with their public relations committee, Women’s History Month committee, external affairs committee, executive board and more. They also have a committee for their organization’s magazine, Her Voice, where they allow students to write articles and take photographs related to fashion, female empowerment and more. If you’re looking for more opportunities for community service, WSU offers a variety of female-oriented service trips and events!


Major-Oriented Groups

Courtesy: WISE

If you’re looking for a club or organization that is more tailored towards women in your field, don’t fret! A simple search on Nole Central can lead you to major-specific organizations that provide a supportive network and community for FSU women. More notably, there are various organizations that are geared towards women in fields where women are often underrepresented or who do not receive equal treatment as their male peers in school and workplace environments. The list includes Black Women in Medicine, Women in Business, Women in IT and ICT Sharing Experiences, Women’s Law Symposium, Women in Math, Science, and Engineering and the list goes on. Whatever you join, you are bound to find a community of women who will encourage and support you, promote equal opportunities for women, mentor you, connect you with other women and provide you with professional growth.



Courtesy: CHAARG

CHAARG stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls.” It is a nationwide organization with its own chapter at FSU that encourages college-aged girls to develop a passion for health and fitness. When you join CHAARG, you join a huge organization and community of like-minded girls not only at FSU but across the nation. CHAARG is not limited to any certain workout but instead, partners with local fitness studios to offer a variety of workouts to their members. Whether you’re dancing, taking a spin class or going to Cross Fit, CHAARG is all about making fitness fun and enjoyable and encourages friendships in a happy, healthy environment.


Empowering Women Globally

Courtesy: EWG

Although this FSU organization is female-driven and aims to promote female empowerment and gender equality, EWG welcomes people of all genders to attend their meetings and events. This organization is more politically based. EWG describes its three main goals as improving women’s rights, captivating women politically, economically and culturally and promoting the “overall well-being of women both internationally and within our own community through education, service and fundraising”. If you’re looking for an organization that has a mission towards reducing violence and discrimination against women, improving standards of living for women and advocating for women across the globe, then this is the organization for you!

Selena is a senior at Florida State University majoring in Media Communication Studies and minoring in Film Studies. She loves talking about music, film, and funny YouTube videos. You can connect with her on Instagram: @selenaponton
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