The 5 Best Places to Chill on Campus

Spending long days on campus running from class to class can get the best of you. Check out these unique spots that are perfect for a quick breather.  

1. The Bridge Lounge in the Union

Located on the second floor of the Oglesby Union is the tranquil Bridge Lounge. The Bridge Lounge is home to several comfy couches and lots of outlets making it a perfect place to sneak away on a busy weekday in the union. Sometimes you will walk in and experience someone playing beautifully on the grand piano and other times it will be extremely quiet. It’s the ideal place to find some peace and tranquility in the heart of campus. 

Courtesy: Samantha Atherley

2. The Zen Garden by the Music Building

The relaxing Zen Garden can be found directly behind the Kellogg building. Tucked away under the shade of bushy trees is a garden that serves as a great place for a quick escape. As one of the quietest areas on campus, it’s a perfect spot to catch up on your studying or to enjoy your iced coffee from Dunkin. The circular patio area has prime bench seating for all chill enthusiasts to enjoy. At the center of the Zen garden is a calming fountain statue that keeps the area very tranquil. The Zen Garden is a great spot to take a quick break in between classes.

Courtesy: Samantha Atherley

3. The Rock Garden

You’ve probably walked by the rock garden several times on your way to Carathers and didn’t even think twice about the rocky area located directly in front of the Caraway building. The Rock Garden is a great place to relieve stress by taking a few minutes out of your day to enjoy some rock stacking. Rock stacking is actually pretty meditative and helps declutter your mind from any worries you might have. The Rock Garden is so awesome that there’s a Facebook group that’s open to all lovers of rock stacking. Join the Rock Garden Reflection Facebook page if you are looking to meet other people to relax with in the Rock Garden. Lovers of the Rock Garden can come together to enjoy some rock stacking while talking about life. 

Courtesy: Samantha Atherley

4. Fountain by the Dittmer Chemistry Lab  

A very new area at Florida State is the newly constructed fountain area located in front of the Dittmer Chemistry Lab. This area is the perfect place to lay out on the grass and whip out a good book to indulge in. Students have been spotted sunbathing and taking in beautiful Tallahassee days at this fountain. So next time you're on the west side of campus make sure to take in the scenery surrounding the new fountain. 

Courtesy: Samantha Atherley

5. Landis Green

At Florida State, there’s no place to chill like Landis Green, serving as a staple spot for students to relax on any day of the week. You can always catch some interesting stuff going on at Landis, whether it’s people playing music on the grass or the legendary larpers practicing out on the green. Landis is a great spot to go out and play a game of football with friends on Sunday. There is never a wrong time to chill on Landis Green.

Courtesy: Nicolyn Checkla