5 Accessories to Wear to Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is one of the biggest events that happens in Biscayne Park, Miami every year. Every year, DJs and performers come from around the world to perform for thousands of people, bringing everyone together in the unity of music. It’s an incredible event and an ultimate experience you don’t want to pass up this spring break. Performances this year will include Empire of the Sun and Steve Aoki; The Chainsmokers will be performing alongside very special guests yet to be announced. 

Courtesy: EDM Nations

This is not just any concert, but a 3-day event surrounded by music, people and the Miami ocean breeze. Last year I went, I got puked on and rained on by the brutal downpour, but that didn’t stop me from living my best.

If you’re going this spring break, here are a few UMF essentials to try this year so you’re ultra ready!

1. Glitter

Courtesy: Danielle Noce

This is probably the only time you won’t find glitter annoying. For Ultra, you can never have enough glitter. This is always a fun way to brighten up your look by either applying it to your face as a highlighter, your body for a shimmery glow or to your hair to glisten in the sun. Here’s a trick: mix glitter with a clear gel to apply to your skin and hair for a hold that lasts the whole day.

2. Face Jewels

Courtesy: Pamper My

Applying gems on the face like rhinestones is such a cool way to give you that concert vibe. They come in assorted shapes, sizes and colors so you can get creative in designing your very own look. Tip: apply the jewels with a type of eyelash glue; this seems to be the best option in that they last longer and don’t fall off as easily.

3. Holographic Colors

Courtesy: Instagram

It can be really hard figuring out what to wear to a music festival, but something that just screams “ultra” is holographic color. This trend is super cool for any festival and is such a statement! You can incorporate holographic colors into your look with clothes, bralettes, bags and even chokers! This is a fashion trend in EDM festivals you don’t want to pass up.

4. Fanny Pack

Courtesy: Pinterest

Bringing backpacks to hold important valuables at any concert can be extremely dangerous when you have your back turned, surrounded by a large crowd. In most cases, I’ve seen people with locks on their backpacks so people don’t try to go in them. A fanny pack is a great solution to hold your valuable things, and since its facing in front of you, you don’t have to worry as much about your things. Fanny packs also make a statement in your outfit, especially at these kinds of concerts where anything is acceptable to wear.

5. Fishnet

Courtesy: Luulla

This may just be me, but I find this trend supper cute. A fishnet crop top or even a fishnet long sleeve is a great layer to add some edge to your outfit. You can wear a bralette underneath, a swimsuit, a bodysuit, etc. This trend definitely has the power to turn your look into something daring!