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4 Emotions Florida State Fans Felt After Saturday’s Loss

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First Louisville and now this!?

Emotions were running high before, during, and especially after Saturday’s game against the North Carolina Tar Heels. With only 23 seconds left to the game, Florida State took a 35 to 34 lead. It was looking good for the Seminoles until the last 4 seconds when the Tar Heels scored a field goal that put them at 37 and us at 35. Florida State fans were left feeling all sorts of emotions but here are the top four.


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I think everyone can argue that that game left them feeling DISAPPOINTED with a capital D. We came into the season ranked #2 and after that game we’re now ranked #23.  Which means that even UF and Miami are ranked higher than us… EWWW!!!



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I guess the defensive line decided to take a hiatus because they sure did not bring their A-game. Anyone watching the game could clearly see that the communication was off and there were missed assignments which led to the Tar Heels roaming free during the whole game. The second half was atrocious and it fell short… I think it’s time we get a new defensive coordinator.



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I honestly thought that this was going to be our year of (once again) going undefeated, but I guess it’s just not our time. We haven’t lost a home game in 3 long years, which means that our 22 home-game winning streak is officially over. Will we ever recover?



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To add insult to injury, after the field goal was made, a few of the Tar Heels were seen running down the field doing the Tomahawk Chop. OUCH.

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