3 Things That Will Make Campus Life Easier

We all have days where it seems like every thing that can go wrong, does go wrong. It really doesn’t matter if this “thing” was as big as you forgetting a major assignment was due today, or if it was as small as Starbucks running out of your favorite coffee flavor. Although, let’s be real, Starbucks running out of anything is a pretty immense disappointment. It’s ultimately an inconvenience to your day no matter what. Maybe taking every little thing so personally (as in, ‘someone must be out to get us if all of this is happening to me’) exposes a fault in us human beings. As opposed to trying to change this, we should learn to overcome these so-called inconveniences. So with the hope that you will better be able to find happiness in your day-to-day life, here are three things that will make campus life at Florida State University a little easier.

1. The Trading Post

The Trading Post in a small convenience store located at Oglesby Union, and guess what…it’s not all about sustenance. Yes, it’s really awesome that you have somewhere to grab an orange juice in the morning and some Chex Mix in the afternoon, but isn’t it even more awesome to know that they carry items that will help you in your worst times? For instance, if you’re sneezing and coughing in class and it’s keeping you from paying attention to anything else, then head on over to The Trading Post to pick up some DayQuil. Better yet, when your monthly friend comes unexpected, you have somewhere to go and get your feminine products, Advil, and a double chocolate muffin. 

2. Krentzman Lounge 

Photo Credit: Gina Bollotta/Oglesby Union

Krentzman Lounge is also in Oglesby Union, and it was recently remodeled for your benefit! It is now a more inviting space for collaborative work, with seven work stations that have room for up to four users each. The stations feature LCD monitors that you may use or hook up your computer to for group projects, presentations, and tutoring sessions. There is also other seating areas where you can relax, but best of all, they have a station with phone chargers. Now you don’t have to worry about carrying your phone charger with you every day when your battery inevitably loses power.

3.  The Paper Towel Dispenser Hack

It may sound silly, but isn’t it super frustrating when you can’t get a paper towel out of the dispenser in the bathrooms on campus? It’s already bad enough that these are the types of dispensers that you must touch after washing your hands, and it’s made worse because you are usually unsuccessful in retrieving the paper towel. So now you have more germs on your hands, which are still wet. You just can’t win can you? Yes, you actually can—at least you can 90% of the time. This percentage is made up, but I promise this hack almost always works! Anyway, all you have to do is take your right forearm, push it against the paper towel dispenser (so push it towards the wall), and simultaneously use your left hand to turn the knob towards the wall. This may seem like a lot of work just to dry your hands, but it’s going to have to work until functioning hand dryers are added to all of the campus bathrooms.

Hopefully now you see that your days don’t always have to seem so bad, because no matter the size of the inconvenience, you can always find a way to work with it.

Do you have any campus hacks to share?