3 Reasons Why You Need Acai Bowls in Your Life

Lately, everyone has been on some sort of health binge.Whether it’s consuming less meat to reduce a carbon footprint or making moves to become vegan, eating healthier has been on the rise. And now more than ever, it seems almost easier to do with healthier restaurants opening, or old ones offering better options. What’s becoming a trend too, is and easy to make at your home as well, are acai bowls. Here’s three reasons why you need them in your life, and how you’re missing out.

1. Acai Berries Are REALLY Healthy!

Acai berries are such an underrated fruit. While they look like blueberries and seem to be new on the market, they’re anything but. Acai benefits include aiding in weight loss, boosting your energy and promoting skin health, among a few. And who doesn’t like clear skin? Not to mention, acai berries taste REALLY good, too. So it’s the health benefits plus no compromising on taste!

Courtesy: Fine Dining Lovers


2. Acai Bowls Are Easy to Make

Acai bowls are literally what you make of it. All you need is the acai berry paste, which is sold in the frozen section of grocery stores, and then you can add what you like. Some days, it might just be a bit of granola and strawberries, or other days you could be channeling your inner Alexis Ren and add some coconut shavings, oats, blueberries, bananas and a drizzle of agave. YUM!

Courtesy: Sites at Penn State


3. Can You Say Insta/VSCO-Worthy?

While we all don’t like to admit we take pictures of our food, we do. Even if we don’t post them, we have our food adventures secretly hidden in our camera roll, waiting to look back and reminisce in the flavor and the aesthetically pleasing meal we ate. Acai bowls do not lack in this department. They are colorful and look like something you’d eat on a tropical island. 

Courtesy: A Bikini A Day

Acai bowls. They are the bomb.com. And if you haven’t had one yet, you are missing out. So this week, or this summer, make yourself an acai bowl. You won’t regret it! It tastes healthy, and you’ll feel healthy, too.