3 Natives Opens, 3 Reasons to Get Excited!

Raw-Natural-Fresh, these are the key components in the ingredients of food served at 3 Natives, the newest acai restaurant franchise in Tallahassee, FL. 3 Natives opened in January 2018 and is located on W Pensacola St. Their menu consists of all things acai bowls to smoothies, cold-pressed juices and shots, wraps, salads and bagels. “Fresh never frozen,” is a statement they take pride in. On their website, they include facts about the quality of their ingredients and their culinary expertise. You can also check out their Instagram, where you can find upcoming alerts.

1. Ready for Spring Break! 

As college students, we’re constantly surrounded with temptations whether it’s a roommate persuading you to grab fast food with them, or the drive on W Tennessee St that consists of all the local fast food restaurants. Most importantly, now with the newest healthy restaurant edition to Tallahassee, we don’t have to limit our options to only drive-through salads. 3 Natives is the perfect way to indulge without regretting what you ate and dealing with the guilt while trying to burn off those calories at the Leach. With Spring Break around the corner, 3 Natives gives us the opportunity to get swimsuit ready and start Spring Break 2018 off with a bang!  

Courtesy: Jenna Palmer

2. Not Only Limited to Acai Bowls.

What’s so great about 3 Natives?  For one, they have variety. Although they are well known for their vibrant and delicious acai bowls, they have a nutritional menu that is rich in flavor and presentation. They only support all-natural products—meat and produce—to ensure quality. When eating here, you don’t have to worry about additional additives. For example, in their salmon and tuna, the only two ingredients are fish and salt. Also, on their select menu, they make hummus and dressings from scratch without any preservatives or additives. You might notice that their golden honey is rich in flavor. This is because they only purchase honey from local farmers—this might be an addition to why their acai bowls are so delectable and fresh, including their fruit.

Let’s not forget that it’s the flu season, and it’s crucial to boost immunity by an increased intake of herbal and vitamin-C enriched products. 3 Natives offers shots such as the ginger root, wheat grass, twisted ginger and so on. These can be helpful in maintaining your health and fighting the flu.

Courtesy: 3 Natives

3. Close to Campuses. 

Another benefit to get excited about: 3 Natives is within five minutes of FSU, within walking distance of  TCC and within a 10-mile radius of FAMU. Which means healthy eating is now more accessible and readily available for a tasty breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. They open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m., seven days a week. 

Courtesy: 3 Natives