3 Makeup Tips for Spring Break 2018

The week every college student looks forward to in spring semester is approaching for Florida State students, and while many people might have a staycation planned in the comfort of their hometown, there is no denying there will be lots of adventures in the sun wherever you may find yourself this year. With all the effort we have put into looking and feeling great in the sun, we want this break to be the best yet! However, while packing the essentials and buying new bikinis, you may find yourself forgetting about one factor. Sweat and makeup do not mix very well in the sun. Staying in the sun for long hours may cause your makeup to deteriorate and look a little crazy, so if you’re like me and want to stay fly in the sun you might want to take some precautions to prevent your makeup from melting or smudging during your planned excursions.

1. Do not skip applying sunscreen.

While this part gets rather tedious, it is so vital to apply a gel-based sunscreen or light-based lotion to protect your skin and to avoid a deteriorated look. However, you do want to steer clear of a heavy cream or cakey lotion. This will just cause you to sweat more. Sunscreen will also protect your un-wanted dark spots from becoming more stubborn to get rid of. There’re so many excellent benefits of wearing sunscreen. Let’s just say that if at age 48, you want to have a complexion like Jennifer Lopez’s, wear sunscreen. It will pay off! 

Courtesy: Tom Merton

2. NEVER forget a primer.

In creating a subtle natural day-time look primer is a necessity! When you prep your skin before your makeup application, the product is more likely to grasp onto a primer. This allows your makeup to stay in place without smudging. Primer creates a base for your makeup, and this prevents your makeup from melting off. There are many primers formulated for different skin types or desired finishes. However, during times like Spring Break you want to lean more towards a matte or natural finishing product. If you go the other route and apply a formula that illuminates your skin, this may cause your face to have excess oils by the end of the day.

Courtesy: E-fashionforyou

3. Keep your makeup light.

The secret to creating a natural day-time look is to wear minimal products on your face, this way heavy products don’t add layers. When you’re spending hours in the sun, layers of makeup on your face is useless. The less product the better. Not only will this prevent a cakey look, but it will allow your face to ventilate, which will prevent smudging or sweating. Tinted moisturizer and a hydrating lip balm will go a long way and give you a natural finish, allowing you to feel carefree in the sun.

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