22 Reasons Taylor Swift is Our Forever Fall Fashion Inspiration

1. She rocks her fall colors!

Courtesy: Refinery29

Warm browns and reds? Check!

2. She reminds us that sweaters with animals on them will always be cool. 

Courtesy: InStyle

For early classes on chilly mornings, steal T. Swift’s style by throwing on a cute animal sweater over dark jeans. Owls and hedgehogs have also made their debuts on sweaters as well!

3. She shows us how chic an all black ensemble and red lipstick can be.

Courtesy: tswiftdaily.tumblr.com

Also, her tights game is pretty strong.

4. She aces the preppy look. 

Courtesy: thefrisky.com

This look is definitely Upper East Side worthy, and isn’t hard to imitate; simply throw a blazer over a collared shirt. Never be afraid to have fun with the colors!

5. She reminds us how amazing blanket scarves are.

These are absolutely perfect for cooler days. Plus, you’ll totally feel like you’re taking your bed with you to class; it’s a little ray of sunshine for those 8am’s.

6. She reminds us that even though it’s fall, there’s always room for pops of color.  

Here, T. Swift takes classic fall colors and tops them off with a pop of magenta. The warmer shade blends perfectly with her outfit (and so does the red lipstick)!

7. She shows us that riding boots are a fall essential. 

Nothing keeps your legs warmer than these. Also, this outfit is kind of perfect for a cold game day.

8. She’s creative with tights. 

Courtesy: whowhatwear.com

Tights are a fashionable way to keep warm, and a super cute alternative when you don’t feel like wearing pants (we’ve all been there).

9. She often sports smoking flats, a fall trend!

Courtesy: taylorswiftfashionstyle.tumblr.com

The shoes T. Swift is wearing here are oxblood suede, two huge trends for this fall. And speaking of which…

10. She loves red. 

Courtesy: InStyle

Whether it’s a pop of red flannel under a jacket, red lipstick, or an all red ensemble like the one above, Taylor truly loves red. The outfit pictured above specifically makes use of a trendy shade called oxblood.

11. She reminds us that gloves are fabulous details. 

Courtesy: tswiftdaily.com

Gloves aren’t something we see nowadays, however the accessory is ideal for colder days and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

12. Two words: porkpie hat. 

Courtesy: dailymail.co.uk

T. Swift has been spotted several times with these hats; with colors ranging from black to brown and even maroon, she proves that they certainly add a little extra something to any outfit.

13. She knows that denim isn’t just for tops. 

Courtesy: macaronsandmonograms.blogspot.sk

Denim button downs are definitely not a new trend. Take yours to the next level like Taylor did with a black pleaded skirt and a pop of your favorite bright color.

14. She has fun with her outerwear.

Courtesy: tayswiftdot.tumblr.com

When the temperatures in Tallahassee drop, they really drop. So, if outerwear is going to be your new best friend for the next few months, why not have fun with it? Pairing a patterned coat like the one above with neutral colors is a great way to stand out. Bonus points for matching accessories.

15. She knows how important oxfords are for fall. 

Courtesy: InStyle

Oxfords are known to come in warm browns and blacks (however they do come in bright colors, like the ones T. Swift wears in #13). These colors go well with any fall outfit, and are great for warmer days. The best part: they are incredibly versatile shoes and come in a variety of styles, colors, and textiles.

16. She knows how important beanies are. 

Courtesy: Refinery29

Beanies come in so many styles; there is certainly one for everyone, and they will always come in handy when it starts getting closer to winter. Here, Taylor uses her beanie to add a pop of red, and she totally gets bonus points for matching with her lipstick.

17. She knows fall means plaid.

Courtesy: fabsugar.com

When you start to see plaid shirts everywhere, you know what season it is. Flannel is perfect for fall for its cozy, warm texture. Here, Taylor shows us that plaid isn’t just for shirts. In fact, we’ve seen her in plaid coats and scarves, too.

18. She knows shirt dresses and booties are the perfect combination for those in between days.

Courtesy: InStyle

Booties are for those “it’s not that cold yet” days, and T. Swift has definitely found its match: the always comfortable shirt dress.

19. She seriously rocks floppy hats.

Courtesy: Teen Vogue

Fall is for floppy hats, period. Making you feel like it’s still summer, floppy hats can make any outfit fashion forward. If there’s one thing we learned from Taylor, it’s to never be afraid of hats; there is always one for everyone.

20. She knows what scarves are about.

Courtesy: People

Comfortable and cute, scarves are always a fall essential. The one Taylor sports above definitely looks cozy!

21. She pays attention to the little details.

Courtesy: glamradar.net

When it comes to personalization, it truly is the little details that make something you’re wearing you. Whether it’s a bracelet you never take off, a little extra around your neck (like Taylor’s pearl details), or a signature color, it’s the little things that help make your style.

22. No matter what she’s wearing, she wears it with confidence. 

In almost every picture, we see Taylor walking with her head held high. Her style may be beautiful, but the clothes only make up part of it. Your style will always make you shine as long as you love what you wear, and you feel good wearing it (and you should!). And always remember, “It doesn't matter what you wear if you wear it with confidence. They won't see your fashion... they'll see your passion.”