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21 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Olos on “Neighbors & Friends”

“…And this is the most lit group of friends you’re going to find under one roof. They call themselves the Olos. Don’t ask why because they won’t tell us what it means. They eat together, sleep together, drink together, and everything in between.”

You love them, you hate them – well, mostly hate them. It’s the Olos. If you didn’t think the curse of Coli was real, this short, six-episode series will make you a believer. Around two months ago, the creator of I’m Shmacked, Yofray Ray, gave us our new favorite, cringe-worthy reality TV show, Neighbors & Friends, which stars, what we’re told to believe are, FSU’s “elite” Greek Life students.

When the trailer first dropped, I, like probably 99% of the FSU student population, thought this was just some bad film project for someone’s class. Sadly, we were all wrong because Neighbors & Friends was real and so were the people in it. I mean, seriously, who would watch a show about FSU kids who just go out and party all the time, clearly don’t know what school is, and live in their own little world where they think they’re better than everyone? Oh, wait – that’d be me. Like most, I thought the first episode was absolute trash. But unlike the others, I couldn’t stop watching. At the end of each week, I found myself anxiously waiting for the next episode to drop as if they really were celebrities of FSU. I can’t even listen to Foster the People’s “I Love My Friends” anymore without seeing the intro of the show play through my mind, and if that isn’t my own personal hell, I don’t know what is.

As much as I trash talk them, I’m not ashamed to say that I love them. Okay, that’s a lie – I am a little bit and by a little, I mean a lot. But what can I say, I live for bad reality TV and their stupid drama got me hooked. Like the Kardashians, they’re my Tally guilty pleasure, and I loved seeing what ridiculous thing the Olos were up to next. So, since I clearly didn’t love myself enough to stop watching after the first episode like most people probably did, I’ve watched every episode of Neighbors & Friends not once, but twice, so you didn’t have to.

1. Why am I watching this?

If I already had to ask myself this after the first two minutes, I might as well kiss my brain cells goodbye.

2. New drinking game: take a shot every time “Sponsored in part by Juul” comes up in the first episode.  

 Courtesy: Instagram

3. Olo Andrade really takes the phrase ‘puke and rally’ to a new level.

 Courtesy: The Tab

4. Um, have these guys ever heard of a little thing called RESPECT?

There’s more to Tally than just swooping boys.

5. Does Olo Moe still not know what 8×5 is?

Asking for a friend.

6. Sunglasses inside? What paparazzi are they trying to hide from?

7. Choose your fighter: Olo Moe vs. Olo Conner.

Was I also the only one that wanted to protect Olo Fede at all costs during this part?

8. The Tally and Derd FOMO watching ‘Hold This L’ is REAL.

9. I ship Olo Maci and Olo Fede.

10. Wait… did I actually just ship an Olo couple?

11. Am I the Olo Conner of my friend group?

With the amount of L’s I took watching Neighbors & Friends, I might as well be.

  Courtesy: YouTube

12. Okay, but mad respect for how they got each other’s backs though.

But genuinely in fear for the other kid’s life. If you’re out there, hope you’re doing amazing sweetie.

13. Hate to say that I’ve never related to Olo Moe, but asking to get food before going to the hospital was a big mood.


Momma, I made it – sort of.

 Courtesy: YouTube

15. ‘Happy Hour’ is definitely my favorite episode.

My friends and my own small claim to fame make for the best Neighbors & Friends episode yet.

16. Wait. . . I actually have a favorite episode. 

17. Is Olo Moe about to Hulk out or nah?

Everyone in that Olo house better RUN.

18. With the amount of time Olo Moe spent having a b*tch fit about his room, he could’ve easily fixed it.

Or just saved it for the next day like any normal person.

19. I’ve never seen a group of people’s livers work so hard in one week.

20. When Olo Conner gave his shout out to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital because they “hooked it up.” Yeah, I felt that.

21. Thank God that’s finally over. . . Sike!

As if we couldn’t “stray further from God’s light” as one user on Reddit described watching Neighbors & Friends, they announce that they’re casting for their new series, Neighbors & Friends: Spring Break.

 Courtesy: YouTube

Neighbors & Friends – we hate to see you go, but we love to watch you leave Tally for good even more.

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