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The stressful week has finally come. The week all students dread the most—final exams week. This is the time where most college students are staying up late, piled up with snacks or a big box of pizza and possibly have chugged 2-3 cups of coffee to power through studying. While some feel as though finals week is stressful, others feel as though it is a breeze. We all should take the time to keep a level head and keep striving through until we are done.

I know how much I stress during the final exam. My anxiety is at an all-time high and I have eaten horrible or not at all the whole week. These are not good practices, so I am here to share some of my helpful tips that relieve stress as well as others that I have gathered. These tips can be used to unwind during finals or after their already finished.

Here are the 20 stress-free tips that you have been waiting for me to list:

    1. Breathe!

I know you are breathing all the time but take the time to stop and do some deep breathing. My Apple Watch always reminds me to breathe for one minute.

    2. Get some vitamin D.

Step outside and enjoy the nice warm sun on your skin. I know we are quarantine and our situation is not ideal, but you can step outside without touching anyone for a couple of minutes.

   3. Quick stretches.

You do not want to have a hunch back from reading those textbooks.

   4. Search cute babies on Google or YouTube.

You will be smiling nonstop!

  5. Go on Pinterest and start a board.

Try to do it only for a couple of minutes or you will be on there all day– like me.

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  6. Stop what you are doing and be still.

This helps you to process everything at the moment.

  7. Play your favorite mobile game.

My favorites are Phase 10, Harry Potter, and Restaurant story 2.

  8. Create a playlist.

Something relaxing for studying or whatever helps you focus.

  9. Jam out for 5 minutes!

Dance to your favorite songs and wild out!

 10. Call your friend for a quick laugh to keep you going.

Your support system will be there.

 11. Sleep.

Whether that means have a well-rested night before or take a quick nap.

 12. Put a time limit on social media apps.

It helps you stay focused and not become distracted.

 13. Read Her Campus FSU articles!

If you need a laugh, a smile, some inspiration and more— these articles are great study breaks to look into– especially mine.

 14. 50/10.

Do fifty minutes of studying. 10 minutes of whatever else you want. Set an alarm to stay on track. This helps you to balance work and play.

 15. Favorite snack.

Enjoy your favorite candy, a piece of gum or a snack to keep you energized.

 16. Drink water.

Staying hydrated is the most important and it promotes good health in all aspects.

 17. Listen to your favorite podcast, a comedian or motivational video.

Sometimes videos encourage you to keep going—here is mine.

 18. Cook or bake.

Banana bread is trending. I make muffins when I am stressed.

 19. Take a nice bath, maybe even do your skin care regimen.

Self-care is self-love.

 20. Physical touch of some kind.

Whether that is a simple hug, a kiss from your partner or even safe sex.

While there is an endless number of tips that could help relieve stress from exams, these are the ones that tend to help me. Just remember to try your best, give yourself a break, cry it out and do not forget to ask for help. Exams are stressful but they do not dictate our future. You will do amazing and even if you do not, just be happy at the moment for getting through the semester and do better next time.

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Hi, my name is Taylor Walker. I am a senior at Florida State University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. I love to write about my experiences and things I love. In my spare time, I make content for my Youtube channel called Taylor Renae.
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