20 Thoughts Every Sorority Woman Has During Fraternity Rush

Vineyard Vines, Sperry Top-Sider, and Chubbies - oh my! You know what that means, collegiettes; last week was spring fraternity rush. Every direction on campus was filled with hopeful young PNMMs (Potential New Men Members).


I always feel like there is an air of mystery surrounding fraternity rush because it is not an opportunity I could undertake myself. I always attempt to compare it to my own sorority recruitment experience.  I really have no idea how fraternity rush compares to sorority recruitment but my guess is that while they have both their positives and negatives, the end goal is the same for both: to find your home (Even if no man would ever say that aloud).

1. So. Many. Men. 


Am I on an episode of The Bachelorette?

2. In suits.

Love me some frattire.

3. How are they not drenched in sweat wearing a full suit in 98% humidity? 


Men's deodorant truly is a miracle.

4. Do they really think khakis go with everything?



Aw, such a Jonas Brothers vibe.

5. Do they have chants when they walk into a house?

But what if they did?

6. Do they, like, shake hands when they meet or do that bro-y fist bump/hug thing?

I never understand how they anticipate this.

7. Do they have mini rounds? Do they talk about scholarship and finances then brotherhood? 


How do you know what you’re joining without them?!

8. Are they immediately asked what their name, hometown and major is? 


Recruitment taught me how to nail an elevator speech, that’s for sure!

9. “Why do you want to be in Greek life?”


The thought-provoking question that everyone mentally rehearses pre-recruitment.

10. Do they do letters of rec and legacy things too? 


I cannot imagine the stress of not having the entire summer to get these letters written.

11. Do they manflirt with their rush crushes? 

No one can deny a rush crush.

12. Do they talk to a guy and immediately think “damn this is my little?" 


Everybody has to want someone that puts the lit in little.

13. Do they get lost since they don’t have to go to every house? Do they get maps?


My time in Girl Scouts failed my sense of direction so truly this would be a deal breaker for me.

14. Are there certain times you have to be there? 


I cannot imagine doing any of this without my Rho Gam.

15. How much time do they have to talk to someone?  


Going back to #7.

16. How does this multiple bid system work?


You’re basically cheating on one bid with another.

17. Wait, do guys have pref? 


It just seems hard to connect without it.

18. Do they have like bid day?


I know they’re not blowing glitter and bubbles but do they like hang out after they accept or do they just go home and do their accounting homework like nothing changed?

19. Do they lowkey run home?


Why can’t this be a thing?

20. Is it anything like sorority recruitment?


So many unanswered questions!

I hope all the guys who participated in spring rush this year found their own homes within the Greek community!

All GIFs courtesy of Giphy.