19 Things We’re Grateful for in 2019

It goes without saying that 2019 was a year unlike any other. We saw the rise of new stars, embarked on new social trends and challenges, and we closed chapters. As we look back at this past year, we recall some of the moments that made 2019 quite the time to be alive. 

1. The Instagram Egg

Courtesy: Independent.ie

We kicked off the year with what could very well be the most unconventional social trend in 2019. The person behind this post deserves a Nobel Prize. This post broke the internet when Instagram users were asked to help beat Kylie Jenner’s record of 18 million likes on a single photo. And the egg certainly delivered. Since the photo was posted on January 4, it has surpassed the 53 million mark. The profile is now a “meme account” for this extraordinary egg, accounting for roughly 7.1 million followers to date.

2. US Women’s Soccer Team

One of the best demonstrations of female domination this year came with the US Women’s Soccer Team bringing home the World Cup once again. With their 3-0 victory over the Netherlands in July, the team became the most successful team in the league with four titles, as well as eight final four appearances. With controversy surrounding the league and the gender pay gap, the US Women’s Soccer Team still has a different competition to win but hoisting that trophy this summer sure gave them ammunition in the form of a remarkable power move.

3. Lizzo

In the theme of female domination in 2019, who better to name than Lizzo? Seemingly springing out from the shadows, “Truth Hurts” undoubtedly became one of the anthems of the year. Between iconic performances, astounding skill with the flute, and her cameo performance in Hustlers, she was definitely a stand-out this year.

4. Disney +

Remember when we all agreed that Disney’s prime age of rowdy twin brothers, mischievous wizards, and alter-ego teen pop sensations should return? Well we certainly got our wish, didn’t we? And then some, of course. With the highly anticipated release of Disney’s streaming service, we now get access to some of our favorite movies and shows from Disney’s glory days.

5. Ariana Grande’s Musical Renaissance

Ari surely endured quite a bit going into this year, but that didn’t slow her down one bit. Following the release of Sweetener in August 2018, we were shocked and delighted to see her drop Thank U, Next in February of this year. Even though not all of us might be fans of Ari and her music, we should be fans of the power she exuded in the midst of a heartbreaking year, clearly proven as she was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year. Ari, we applaud and salute you as you showed everyone that a woman is not defined by her struggles, but rather she thrives in them.

Courtesy: Q93.5

6. Jonas Brothers Comeback

Between Disney+ and this comeback, 2019 was definitely a trip down memory lane and so much more. Ladies and gentlemen, the Jonas Brothers came back. Let that sink in for a second. With the Chasing Happiness documentary and “Sucker” being released soon thereafter, 2019 delivered with this one feat alone.

7. Avengers: Endgame

Enough said. Surpassing James Cameron’s Avatar, Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time. And rightfully so.

8. Hannah Brown as The Bachelorette

Although I don’t necessarily agree with who was chosen in the end (we all know it should have been Tyler C.), I gotta hand it to Hannah for being one of the best Bachelorettes ever. Despite some back and forth between her and season villain Luke P., Hannah did pull through and stuck to her no BS attitude. And even though she didn’t get the happily ever after she was hoping for, she was just crowned the winner of Dancing with the Stars, so it’s not all bad for our girl Hannah.

9. Jane the Virgin

Need I say any more? Jane the Virgin came to its conclusion in a tear-jerking fashion. But we’re not mad. How could we be mad when Justin Baldoni graces our screens?

10. Riiise and Shiinnee

Maybe Kylie likes her Instagram eggs sunny side up.

Even though she was topped for the most likes on Instagram, she still came out on top with her hit single of the year. Not really, though. She became subject to a long line of memes following her hilariously questionable attempt to wake Stormi in her Kylie Cosmetic Office Tour on her YouTube channel.

Courtesy: Her Campus

11. Call Her Daddy Podcast

Barstool Sports has delivered quality content throughout the course of this year, famous for its unconventional and raunchy style. Even more unconventional and raunchy? The Call Her Daddy Podcast. Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn cater to audiences an explicit version of events every Wednesday regarding their sexual encounters, as well as answering fan questions. Regardless of its subject matter and profane language, Call Her Daddy has captured audiences far and wide simply because it’s all true. Alex and Sofia give us all the gory details, but we can’t deny they’re probably saying what everyone is thinking. So, a HUGE shout out to Alex and Sofia for dominating this podcast and giving a whole new dimension to the struggle that is relationships. We owe you one.

12. Coach Odell Haggins

Here at Florida State, we love the Noles. It’s safe to say we’ve been through some trying times, but if there’s one person we can thank it would be Coach Odell. Following the events of the Miami game this season, he made sure the Seminoles didn’t cave in. He embodies the FSU spirit, and we hope he remains the leader of this tribe for a while longer. Coach Odell, we thank you for restoring hope to the Seminole tribe here at FSU and taking on the role of our fearless leader once again.

13. FSU In Top 20

In the theme of school spirit, why not give thanks for our achievements as an institution. This year, Florida State University reached a milestone in being named the number 18 public university in the United States. How about we go for Top 15 in 2020?

Courtesy: Junkee

14. T-Swizzle

Would it be a year in review without the mention of her name? Didn’t think so. Taylor Swift has done it yet again, but are we surprised? With the release of Lover, she proved to be one of the female dominators in the industry once again. In the midst of a battle with Scooter Braun and her past record label, Taylor still found a way to break those barriers and deliver the album we never knew we needed.

15. TikTok

I’m not sure if we’re grateful for this one, but we gotta show some appreciation to TikTok. Losing Vine was not the easiest. But low and behold, here comes TikTok. Regardless of its debatable dance moves and a suspicious amount of attractive young men, we owe it to this app for increasing my screen time and some quality entertainment.

Courtesy: Seventeen

16. YouTube

Who could have guessed that YouTube would become such a phenomenon? Thanks to creators such as David Dobrik, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson we would not have had the quality videos and series we saw this year. If you haven’t seen this year’s YouTube Rewind, check it out here.

17. Harry Styles

We have lots to be grateful for when it comes to this beautiful specimen. With his second studio album coming out this week, we give thanks for the three singles he’s put out beforehand, and the masterpiece that was his Saturday Night Live episode. The ONLY thing that could make this better would be if three other people joined him again, but that’s wishful thinking for the moment. Perhaps in the near future? Regardless, thank you, Harry Styles, for gracing our ears and eyes for this past year.

18. LGBTQ Representation in Entertainment

This year we saw a rise in LGBTQ characters in our favorite films and shows. Euphoria, Stranger Things, and even Disney Channel’s Andi Mack showcased LGBTQ characters, and it’s amazing. The fact that this year, a Disney Channel character said the words “I’m gay” means we did something right. It’s refreshing to see the different dynamics develop in these storylines and witness entertainment become more and more like everyday life with the diversity we are starting to see, slowly but surely.

19. The End of an Era

As we near the end of the decade, we say goodbye to some of the greatest moments that have defined us and our upbringing. While goodbyes are never easy, they are necessary. This year was monumental in so many ways, but the future is uncertain and there are bigger and better things around the corner.

Kissing 2019 goodbye is bittersweet. But when you think of what’s to come, we could all be a bit excited for another potential Roaring Twenties kind of era. Who knows? No matter what the new year brings, we can be sure that we made the most out of 2019, and we have these things and much more to be grateful for.

One thing I’m not grateful for? The number of times I’m going to screw the date up starting January.

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