18 Things Sex and The City Icon Carrie Bradshaw Taught Me

If you have watched Sex and The City once, twice or maybe six times as I have, you’re probably obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw. Her sense of style and shoe collection gives New York Fashion Week a run for its money, she would probably be a writer for Cosmopolitan if she was real, and she is undoubtedly living every wannabe writer’s New York City dream. I mean, what’s not to love? 

As Bradshaw writes her column throughout the show, she discusses everything relating to life in the Big Apple: dating good and not-so-good men, navigating friendships, and the quest to find the one and only Mr. Big. While the life of a twenty-something college student isn’t nearly the same as the glitz-and-glamour lifestyle of a big-city columnist, a lot of the advice Bradshaw gives is actually very useful. So, without further ado, here are 18 things Sex and The City icon Carrie Bradshaw taught me:

1. You’ve got a rockin’ body, girl, start thinking like it! 

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2. Ah, the mind of men. We’ve all wanted to know what they’re thinking at some point or another. However, some things are just better left unanswered. 

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3. Gotten a little too chatty with your coworker and now she knows all the dirt on your love life? Or spilt too much tea on the first date? It happens to the best of us. Just try not to reveal too much of your emotional baggage so early. 

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4. The only correct way to get over a breakup, the loss of a job, or well, anything.

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5. Crushing: sometimes it can hurt just as much as it sounds, and other times, it can prove to be worth the risk.

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6. You are NEVER going to bump into your ex-boyfriend when you slip into that revenge dress. It’s always when you’re puffy-eyed and wearing the same sweatpants you’ve worn the last two days. Be ready, it will be embarrassing.  

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7. Fall in love with a man that’s sure about you. You are no one’s backup, runner-up, consideration, or second best. 

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8. It’s not you, it’s definitely them. #breakupwithyourboyfriend

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9. That connection you can have with someone is great, but when it becomes addicting, that’s when it gets into uncharted territory. Watch for the red flags!

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10. Every girl needs to restock the essentials every now and then: fast food and a fashion magazine. 

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11. Don’t waste your time on stupid men. Period. 

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12. The best kind of ship is a friendship, and they require effort and investment. There’s no way Carrie’s group of gal pals could be so honest and real with each other without it. 

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13. There’s only one acceptable way to celebrate.  

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14. It’s okay to want more. But don’t forget about all the great things you already have.

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15. Resting and recharging is great, but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. 

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16. #Truth, sister. 

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17. If you want to move on, you’re going to need closure. Real closure, not the “going over to his apartment at midnight for closure” kind of closure. You know what I mean, ladies. 

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18. In a girl’s hierarchy of needs, Vogue is on the same level as food and shelter. It’s an essential.  

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These only scratch the surface of all the life lessons from the show. You can watch Carrie Bradshaw and all of her shenanigans in Sex and The City, available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Now.

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