15 Times Anna Kendrick Was Our Spirit Animal

Last week our dreams came true when our permanent girl-crush and favorite tweeter, Anna Kendrick, announced she was writing a book. While the series of hilarious biographical essays won’t be published until the fall of 2016, we’re already imagining what stories, advice, and inside information she’s going to include. In the meantime, here are 15 times Anna Kendrick was our spirit animal:

1. Her sarcasm. 

2. When she knows she’s killing it on the dance floor. 

3. When she tweets exactly how we feel about life…

4. …and how we feel about social contact…

5. …and about work.

6. That time she expressed our number one desire.

7. When she freaked out over Beyoncé.

8. When she proved all we want is attention.

9. This.

10. When she expressed how much she loves Taco Bell.

11. Or when she showed what women really think when we look in the mirror.

12. When she summed up exactly what we’re thinking when we see an attractive individual.

13. When she expressed our exact thought towards every Twilight movie.

14. When she summed up our view of social media.

15. And finally, this.